Sing Me An Old Irish Song – Daniel O’Donnell

My eyes browse through the menu then came to a stop
I licked my lips and gave my tummy a rub
Something caught my eye, it was a meatball sub
Meatballs, mozarella, pepperoni
Swiss cheese, yes please, all served on a hoagie
The cashier asked how I’d be taking this treat
One for here, one to go, and make them both on wheat
I said wait, this should be more italiano
thake these back and add some romano
It felt like Burger King cuz I had it my way
But I was eating fresh cuz I was really at Subway
All that sauce, all that cheese
All those meatballs, still I’m not obese
I’d be the happiest Italian guy,
If I had meatball sandwiches stacked to the sky
Scarf some down and let the music fade
It’s the meatball sandwich serenade

Lyric Sing Me An Old Irish Song – Daniel O’Donnell