Performer SINISTER

The Bloodfeast – Sinister

Raging infectious malice Family driven by lunacy Massacre of symbols, THE BLOODFEAST Helter skelter, revolation 9 Death will surround them […]

Epoch Of Denial – Sinister

Visual deceit two horned grown in man disembody thee Entreaty of lies from her melting face insolent contempt to divide […]

Fake Redemption – Sinister

Frequency of death I see Prospect to the future A mirror of insanity Bleeding Bleeding, bleeding ecstacy Resisting, resist the […]

Art Of The Damned – Sinister

Of the great abyss, I summon three Come forth from the burning pain The ancient slumber O’divined lord of emptiness […]

Spiritual Immolation – Sinister

Surrounded by darkness the unholy house deceit keeper of the pylons with dimensions to sinister worlds malicious labyrinth harbour of […]

To Mega Therion – Sinister

Dimentions opened mayhem enshines Cathastrophes, natural terrors Total chaos The world welters in blood TO MEGA THERION 666 Rivers of […]

Sense Of Demise – Sinister

Black waters stir, a painful sight Secret faces overarc the spheres The wind groans, seance repeats Gorge of night, unseen […]

Unseen Darknees – Sinister

Hell’s creation, death in the purest form Lord of demise, clandestine demigod Scornful saint, the curse of humanity UNSEEN DARKNEES […]

Leviathan – Sinister

Roaming dead Hellspawn, the breeding pain Suffering in the shadows of the damned Beneath the sea the darklord dwells, breeding […]

Enslave The Weak – Sinister

Controlling my mind, heart and soul destined death. A grey mist appears in my mind Darkness descends Enslave the weak, […]

Embodiment Of Chaos – Sinister

Teutonic knights, embraced death The sky turns red, the world will burn Days of darkness, oblivious prophecy The lightning death, […]

Magnified Wrath – Sinister

Awaken from the ancient slumber Graceful phantasm of the netherworlds Mortals have summoned in Enochian tongue Diminish until the stars […]

Perpetual Damnation – Sinister

Multifarious mutants they cross the brain the inferno of your morbid mind Damnation of immortal souls perpetual – caustic septic […]

Tribes Of The Moon – Sinister

Behind the immortal gates Below the forbidden tombs The ancient catacombs Baphomet infernal god Baptize me with thy blood Ceremony […]

Desecrated Flesh – Sinister

Malicious celler, abhorrence place Evaporating stench of rotting bodyparts Nailed to the wall, mutilated and deformed Fridge with chopped heads, […]

Sacramental Carnage – Sinister

Sacramental carnage ultimate rejoining in the abyss Cauterized sect fuse as one final break-through the old world Descended souls will […]

Rebels Dome – Sinister

this world of sin, rebels dome rebels raving with violent rage marching at the dawn of no return rebels sworn […]

Rebels Dome – Sinister

this world of sin, rebels dome rebels raving with violent rage marching at the dawn of no return rebels sworn […]

Cross The Styx – Sinister

the burning purgatory deadly cosmic terror the lowest depths of hell I signed the book of blood by will – […]

Doomed – Sinister

Unleashed from the swarm of mortality arise in darkness where blackened souls dwell Shapes of darkness will abide the sound […]

Putrefying Remains – Sinister

Your remains will putrefy Pungent stench formed by leprosy unequalled disease Vitality will escape carcass covered with dirt breath of […]

Perennial Mourning – Sinister

Bodily resignation enter the ancient spheres dimension beyond all dreams where time is forsaken Perennial mourning Eternal benevolent wings solemn […]

Awaiting The Absu – Sinister

Childred of the underworld Covered with blood Embraced by fire, ANNU spawned Call upon the dead They were and once […]

Compulsory Resignation – Sinister

Assault your own blood to indulge spiritual illness possessive hands clamp obsessed eyes force resignation Mental collapse shall rule Used […]

The Cursed Mayhem – Sinister

Malicious demons harbingers of scornful wrath The awoken pain Dark waters stir the abyss roars with hate Damned souls screams […]

Bastard Saints – Sinister

ignorant child, victim of christian filth enforced to have faith in the book of lies, disguised as goodness bastard saints […]

Sadistic Intent – Sinister

Feelings of excitement A pleasant ache Scenery of flesh Bodies bounded by rotting Paradise of pain Screams they numb me […]