Performer SINISTER

Unseen Darknees – Sinister

Hell’s creation, death in the purest form Lord of demise, clandestine demigod Scornful saint, the curse of humanity UNSEEN DARKNEES […]

Leviathan – Sinister

Roaming dead Hellspawn, the breeding pain Suffering in the shadows of the damned Beneath the sea the darklord dwells, breeding […]

Enslave The Weak – Sinister

Controlling my mind, heart and soul destined death. A grey mist appears in my mind Darkness descends Enslave the weak, […]

Embodiment Of Chaos – Sinister

Teutonic knights, embraced death The sky turns red, the world will burn Days of darkness, oblivious prophecy The lightning death, […]

Magnified Wrath – Sinister

Awaken from the ancient slumber Graceful phantasm of the netherworlds Mortals have summoned in Enochian tongue Diminish until the stars […]

Perpetual Damnation – Sinister

Multifarious mutants they cross the brain the inferno of your morbid mind Damnation of immortal souls perpetual – caustic septic […]

Tribes Of The Moon – Sinister

Behind the immortal gates Below the forbidden tombs The ancient catacombs Baphomet infernal god Baptize me with thy blood Ceremony […]

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