Sinners Bleed – Entombed

For that moment I sighed in relief
But I was not just going to be dying
I was going to bleed like sinners bleed

Paralyzed by the fear
For something I could not believe
A paradise to some
But a hell to suckers like me
Unspeakable sights I behold
They’re freezing & tesing my mind
Terrorized by the essence from beyond
The dimensions of another kind

Moving lights
Passed nihility in which I fell
Descent into fright
When I was slowly sent down to hell

Scarlet black all I see
The void caught up with my eyes
This Horrid wait suffers me
Please set me free I just want to die

(Lead: Ulf Cederlund)

Palace of Confusion
Castle of Pain

Lyric Sinners Bleed – Entombed