Performer SIR MIX-A-LOT

My Hooptie – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Heat don’t work an’ my girl keeps naggin’ Six-nine Buick, deuce keeps rollin’ One hubcap ’cause three got stolen Bumper […]

Swap Meet Louie – Sir Mix-A-Lot

“;Hey, homeys!”; “;Who me?”; “;Yeah, that’s right. You the fly hustler.”; “;Ya’ll still sellin’ that fake Louie, huh?”; “;Hey! Don’t […]

The Jack Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot

“;In this country a man’s home is his castle..”; [Sir Mix-a-Lot] I’ve been jacked by the racist scum, and here […]

I Got Game – Sir Mix-A-Lot

To the rescue! Here’s a little somethin’ for you whacked out suckers Rollin’ twenty-third, sellin’ dope to cluckers Your bank […]

Lockjaw – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Lockjaw! (Shut up!) {Your silence is my trade} Givin’ MCs lockjaw! (Shut up!) {Your silence is my trade} Lockjaw! (Shut […]

Testarosa – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Watch me go, keep ’em in fear Rumble, young man rumble Brother won’t fumble, muthafukas just crumble Gaskets crank, rappers […]

Mack Daddy – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Mack Daddy Ain’t you tired of that gameless mark smackin’ you in your face baby? Mack Daddy You better roll […]

Gortex – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Big Goretex, crushed down, two time Rumble in the street, neighborhood shakedown Emerald City posse, gonna take this town Suckers […]