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Gortex – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Big Goretex, crushed down, two time Rumble in the street, neighborhood shakedown Emerald City posse, gonna take this town Suckers gettin’ mad, swift kick, broke rib Serve it in a dish, name it up, rib-tip Metal in the front, big stomp, crush neck Punks on tip, call the boots, GoreTex Laugh if you want, but […]

A Rapper’s Reputation – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Got memories Mixalot left in limbo, first stop Sacremento Here we go, hit a club called Bentleys Want a skirt to git wit’ me, hit me There’s a girl with a back like a Cadillac I walked up and got pushed back Her boyfriend tell her I’m a play-a Dropped salt on a dope rhyme […]

Lead Yo Horse – Sir Mix-A-Lot

You can lead yo horse to water But you cannot make him drink I’m just tryin to spit some game So you might wanna stop and think (2x) [ VERSE 1: Malika ] Okay, ‘Lik’s gon’ come anew for ‘9-6 Lead yo ass to the aqua, but I can’t make a brother rich You gotta […]