Performer SIRENIA

Sister Nightfall – Sirenia

you divert my feelings, and bring me further down Would you like to be the serpentine whirls of the stream? […]

Star-Crossed – Sirenia

comes strolling through my mind It seems she lost her way It seems she led astray The sun sets in […]

Downfall – Sirenia

Turn your back on all your feelings Seems you’re loosing yourself again To a void so devastating And I can’t […]

The Last Call – Sirenia

And through hours of weeping Can i mend by broken heart by Speaking to myself I`ve been lost and found […]

Manic Aeon – Sirenia

Read my epitaph, deranged am I? Estranged one haunting me Be my lover, I prithee Prophecies of death outside take […]

Euphoria – Sirenia

I feel the heavenworks ascend like a sun within All my travail is on the wane A lucid bliss sets […]

Voices Within – Sirenia

drape the void that grows inside And I can’t take this veil away I can’t find the strength I tried […]

Lethargica – Sirenia

Diverted dreamers unfolding their lives Sleep now sister enfold your fall You can’t take the exile anymore And like all […]

One By One – Sirenia

Your fading hope and darkened days to come The lights are fading out once more I see you falter so […]

In a Manica – Sirenia

like a weakening fire awaiting the final end? If you consider still hanging in there You will wither in each […]

Meridian – Sirenia

with a long lost river that mend all her woe in its flow May I redeem my funereal self in […]

On the Wane – Sirenia

Are you lost in life? On the wane tonight like every night Do you live a lie? Would you like […]

Sundown – Sirenia

I can see you descend Like golden grains of sand A weeping sun is descending And the moon now ascending […]