Category: SIRENIA

Meridian – Sirenia

with a long lost river that mend all her woe in its flow May I redeem my funereal self in thy mirror of soul sanctorum to frame every night a delight Thou stalk the ground, the sea and the winds around to haunt me down profound when the night surrounds Thou stalk the Stygian stream […]

Lithium And A Lover – Sirenia

and my mind is riding the last train Down a one-way track to the final station Destination Devastation A thousand demons at my door screaming at my crumbling walls My river’s bleeding, my fields are burning My world has stopped turning I will be your lithium and I’ll be your lover Give me something for […]

In My Darkest Hours – Sirenia

I yearn for the light my life devours Winter’s at hand In search of a key, a door, an end Hear my voice, don’t quail inside the void nor fear the sound of winter winds around In my darkest of nights I yearn for the dawn to bring me alive How to ascend? while you […]

On the Wane – Sirenia

Are you lost in life? On the wane tonight like every night Do you live a lie? Would you like to try? In this world of vainly missions I’m a god of superstition Would you grant me a savage prison? within the walls of your decisions If you hurt me I won’t recover Don’t you […]

A Shadow of Your Own Self – Sirenia

you run for a better world Tell me why you’d leave her despite all the hurt Don’t deny that you once tried to mend the circumstances now out of hand And don’t deny your life’s a living hell you’re a shadow of your own self Tell me now you sinner still lost in your secret […]

Absent Without Leave – Sirenia

Even where you’re not here I can feel your pain within myself It’s still keeping me down here Life keeps on growing colder year by year With a winter heart and my frozen tears I stand lone to face my darkest fears I’ ve been wasting away, i’ ve been fading inside I’ ve been […]

At Sixes and Sevens – Sirenia

you seem to lose it all, and more somehow No waning life can retrieve it Can’t make the world a better place to thrive nor can I keep on persisting You’re on the wane in funereal winds with a thousand winters within Your life unveil its weary eyes Sun sets in somber skies Your waning […]

Sundown – Sirenia

I can see you descend Like golden grains of sand A weeping sun is descending And the moon now ascending here In these cold winterlands I’ ve been strolling through the pouring rain In search of better days I`ve been strolling down the darkest of lanes Just to find it`s all in vain The sundown […]