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Bitter Seas – Sirrah

Now I’m crossing through A sea of icy tearful juice Last this trip to land of rest And sorrows of the past Drifting on the bitter seas Yet she sees the blood red sky I’m beneath flowing down To sleep among the stars Feeling like I’m crossing through A sea of bloody tearful juice Last […]

Patron – Sirrah

Anal religion and pissing sacrament art Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!… Your body is your bread Breasts will give the milk no more but they you to live on Grow them nice! Right on! Right on! Till they waste and fade away Many souls are lost in sleep… For a better day! Dance! Dance! Dance! […]

High Treason – Sirrah

Bolide with the mental propulsion Jumps into the past in the changeless cycle Targets found in random choice but not this time To extend the structure Here appear new elements Electro-donor And its symetric friend Junction 555-xx united with my ego Visual transmissions Seven per one minute I am the part of the implant inside […]

A. U. Tomb – Sirrah

Through my sadness Sun shines cold Now and here I want to fade Thoughts, my feelings, tears Try to change the world As the worst become reality Falsehood in your speech To live this repulsive land Garden falls in yellow-red As tears then meeting the dawn Childish dreams and happy years Sustained in the dark […]