Performer SIRRAH

Lash – Sirrah

All the breaths are caught in their trap Gloom flows still from interstice and blinds me coats my eyes I […]

Acme – Sirrah

And reward will be most disastrous awe I eclipsed the sun and blind birds Feel down to the ground like […]

Pillbox Impressions – Sirrah

Rainy mood haunts our minds looking through the agony Depression brought by the darkest times When hope is hard to […]

Passover 1994 – Sirrah

I rejoice at golden heavens Bird’s eye view to earth All is mine today There’s no word like hope As […]

Bitter Seas – Sirrah

Now I’m crossing through A sea of icy tearful juice Last this trip to land of rest And sorrows of […]

Patron – Sirrah

Anal religion and pissing sacrament art Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance! Dance!… Your body is your bread Breasts will give the […]

High Treason – Sirrah

Bolide with the mental propulsion Jumps into the past in the changeless cycle Targets found in random choice but not […]

A. U. Tomb – Sirrah

Through my sadness Sun shines cold Now and here I want to fade Thoughts, my feelings, tears Try to change […]