Perfect – Sister Seven

Holding on is like holding my breath Letting go you leave it stained and tainted Giving up is like birth […]

Loaded – Sister Seven

He’s a cop on the eastern side He’s a watchdog sent on a paper bag chase where the children’s Guns […]

This One – Sister Seven

to watch her walk away”; And anyone could’ve seen there was nothing he could’ve done just to make her stay […]

Elijah – Sister Seven

Hands outstretched and worn Everyday is getting harder But what does it matter She says my love Oh could you […]

Undone – Sister Seven

Change is coming Baby could you leave me something Hold me ’til I cannot breathe I’ll wake to find you […]

Shelter – Sister Seven

Purified with no shelter All at once you leave all at once Testify that what you want is mine And […]