Differently – Sister2Sister

we see it differently it’s what I love about you and me if we disagree it’s alright… alright here’s my point of view we see life so differently nobody sees it quite the same we try to live as one but sometimes we stand alone we speak our minds and that’s okay it’s true, it’s […]

Friend Of Mine – Sister2Sister

I’m a lucky girl, got someone in this world to tell my deepest secrets to fortunately I’ve got someone in my life and that someone is you I like the way you listen to me when I talk about things that matter I like the way you always stand up for me when I’m not […]

Too Many Times – Sister2Sister

melting me with that look in your eyes got that feeling, it’s blowing my mind I’m trying hard not to fall too fast the thing we’ve got, is it gonna last? too many times, that I’ve fallen in love too many times, that I’ve fallen apart when will I find it, just once could this […]