Category: SITA

Jerk – Sita

Since you’ve been gone I feel so much better Cause I saw how mean you could be I used to want some explanation Now all I want is my Patsy Cline CD How I’ve waited for today When I could finally say You jerk You jerk You are such a jerk There are other words […]

Happy – Sita

Hitting some kind of tune on his raving guitar He seems stranded in a desert of a million dreams Just like life hasn’t been exactly as nice as it seems Hello! How are you? Why are you looking so sad on a day like this? Do you feel like talking? Now you got me started […]

Everything – Sita

I know these word won’t save you, but I can only try I know you died a thousand times I didn’t come to break you, or to watch you bleed I didn’t come to twist the knife I apologize… Every day of my life I got out of my mind thinking how I was wrong […]

Selfish – Sita

Impossible vain You told me I was totally without shame I thought to myself This kind of luck is my middle name Boy you need to know Sometimes I think I’m out of my head The bigger the words The stranger I feel So give me a chance to explain And erase all bad things […]