Insect – Six Feet Under

The young of insects feed On our inactive brains And numb spinal chords Open sores drain slow Spouting yellow pus […]

As I Die – Six Feet Under

To come now, waiting – hatred Dreaming of life False hope Dying to live, waiting to die – alone in […]

4:20 – Six Feet Under

A warm glow inside my bones The touch of velvet rubbed against my soul Thoughts of things you’ve always known […]

Lycanthropy – Six Feet Under

Infects my body In the night hear the howling Screaming, flesh chewed to the bone Bleeding, eternal horror dying in […]

Remains Of You – Six Feet Under

I watched your body twist in pain Rotten bodies, dead leaking pussing limbs Separated heads smell the rotting dead degenerating […]

Bonesaw – Six Feet Under

Head is crushed to a reddish pulp Torso drained of blood and bile Butchered rotted corpse defiled Hand me the […]