Drowning – Six Feet Under

I feel that I am going under Swept away I struggle now Gasping for my last breath Choking me – I can not breathe Liquid vision, all I see Drifting – no sign of life Floating dead The tide carries me Fluid fills my lungs, as my eyes open wide I can’t reach the surface […]

Jailbreak – Six Feet Under

Somewhere in this town See me and the boys we don’t like it So were getting up and going down Hiding low looking right to left If you see us coming I think it’s best To move away do you hear what I say From under my breath Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak Somewhere […]

Nonexistence – Six Feet Under

And rip out my tongue I should just puncture my ears I’m not alive now We are the unborn – a child in the womb Sheltered from the storm I’m gonna cut out my eyes And rip out my tongue I should just puncture my ears I’m not alive now We are the unborn – […]

Bonesaw – Six Feet Under

Head is crushed to a reddish pulp Torso drained of blood and bile Butchered rotted corpse defiled Hand me the bonesaw Time for dissection Hand me the bonesaw Begin the amputation Dying slow and painfully A gasping breath escapes from you I rip the flesh and cut through bone You are bleeding Sawed your body […]

Human Target – Six Feet Under

My thoughts are my own I live to die That’s why I was born Kill or be killed The law of the land Standing tall, I’m not running scared Human target Scared, beaten My bones were broken Bruised, mistreated For what I believe in Survive or die Fear for your life I grip the gun […]

War Is Coming – Six Feet Under

I believe in those foretold prophecies of doom They say the end is close, it’s coming fast Not every single one of us is gonna last So, stand and fight or kill yourself right now It’ll be one less motherfucker to kill Skin shot, burned, stabbed, scorched and torn This pain is real – you […]