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I Run This – Slick Rick

* audience applause * * siren sounds * “;MC… Ricky… D”; * last syllable scratched * “;Okay party people in the house”; * scratched * “;This is the original grand wizard”; * cut and scratched “;Slick Rick”; * [unknown sample] * scratched “;Slick Rick”; * “;Something funky push that in em”; “;Ricky… D”; [Slick Rick] […]

A Love That’s True (Part One) – Slick Rick

you just don’t trust no bitch, you know what I’m sayin? “;Okay, daddy, I understand”; Cause bitches ain’t no good, you know what I’m sayin? “;Okay, I get your point”; Anyway, listen to this, check it out 1994, as the world gets trifer, I’m wondering, the fuck I need a woman in my life for? […]

La Di Da Di (Live) – Slick Rick

Aww yea! Yea… La di da di… la di da di, La di, la di! You know what, you peep this, La di da di, we like to party. We don’t cause trouble, we dont bother nobody. We’re… just some men that’s on the mic, And when we rock upon the mic, We rock the […]

The Moment I Feared – Slick Rick

It’s the last day of the week, boy what a relief (relief) My muscles kind of ache, they felt rigid and stuff so I looked around, and I smoked this big fat spliff Now I’m happy as can be I’m in this pothead spell I put some Visine in my eyes so that no one […]

Teenage Love – Slick Rick

Don’t, don’t hurt me again [Verse One] Aye sport, here’s a thought from the old school crew A serious situation we all go through It deals with your feelins, so hear what I say It’s like a dyke, but nothing seems to go your way Bust this, two people, they really like each other He […]

Hey Young World – Slick Rick

Hey young world… the world is yours Hey young world… the world is yours Young world young world… the world is yours Young wo-ah-huh-huh-huh-urld This rap here… it may cause concern it’s broad and deep… why don’t you listen and learn Love mean happiness… that once was strong But due to society… even that’s turned […]

Trapped In Me – Slick Rick

Yeah kid.. Well first of all, sit your, cause I’m Victor The Ruler decorate a record just like a picture Slicker licker isn’t this vigorous Motherfucker too Don Suave for any nigga it’s I sold that offender Short killer note is that I wrote a tremendous Old neighborhood chow, now Rick vow even rich niggaz […]

Kill Niggaz – Slick Rick

(But you must Rick) I can’t, I can’t manage (But you must Rick) Ah, shit Hoes ass kiss cause I’m like Jason, vision Releasin’ me a basket case from prison – Pissed Blood feenin’, the villain like ‘Wassup ya’ll’ Deep down schemin’ how to kill ’em Misleadin’ a bit, although proceedin’ a hit I made […]

Who Rotten ‘Em – Slick Rick

In the field makin’ my brick without hayin’ Mad busy kid, nah whip cut here You, boy, drop your bundle bring your butt in A soldier, what I do to that hood? “;Are you that slave everybody tellin’ me rap good? Calm down, not goin’ ta murder ya Clean yourself, Pharoah said he wanna have […]

Me & Nas Bring It To Your Hardest – Slick Rick

[Rick] Me and Nas bring it to your hardest Finally, real niggaz that are Billboard charters [Rick] Me and Nas bring it to your hardest [Slick Rick] Skills provide the shows, also fright the foes And when I step into a room, pimps hide they hoes “;Is that really him?”; “;Yes, that’s his Highness and […]