Performer SLICK RICK

Unify – Slick Rick

[Snoop Dogg] I falls off into a party in the N. Y. C. Niggaz lookin at me strange but they […]

Bond – Slick Rick

Check it out Slick, ya know what I’m sayin? No complaining I reached my destination and its raining I’m in […]

Mona Lisa – Slick Rick

Ladies, and gentlemen… and lowlifes It is with outstanding pleasure that we are here to present tonight… Slick Rick, the […]

Adults Only – Slick Rick

Well, let us skip the boring foreplay I’m slidin’ right in This girl over my house who had to be […]

Impress The Kid – Slick Rick

Intro: (DJ S&S), Slick Rick (Uhh check it out….. S&S…… with the ruler ’98……..Def Jam…..) And here we are, in […]

Memories – Slick Rick

Know what I mean Rick? Know what I mean Slick, Whoa! Yeah, whee! [Slick Rick] Fine grown Pine-Sol Heavenly rhyme […]

2 Way Street – Slick Rick

And did a show up in West Bubblefuck somewhere Due to raps wider ratio, satellites to Nato Hillbilly draws flew […]

La-Di-Da-Di – Slick Rick

This is something you never witnessed before… Yes, it’s the incredible Doug E. Fresh… With his partner, the grand wizard […]

I Run This – Slick Rick

* audience applause * * siren sounds * “;MC… Ricky… D”; * last syllable scratched * “;Okay party people in […]

Teenage Love – Slick Rick

Don’t, don’t hurt me again [Verse One] Aye sport, here’s a thought from the old school crew A serious situation […]

Trapped In Me – Slick Rick

Yeah kid.. Well first of all, sit your, cause I’m Victor The Ruler decorate a record just like a picture […]

Kill Niggaz – Slick Rick

(But you must Rick) I can’t, I can’t manage (But you must Rick) Ah, shit Hoes ass kiss cause I’m […]