Performer SLIPKNOT

Vermillion – Slipknot

Of past fatalaties So fragile yet so devious She continues to see Climatic hands that press Her temples and my […]

The Shape – Slipknot

Too static to try for you These scars, they swallow hard The part of the past that’s hollow and dark […]

The Nameless – Slipknot

Your opinion/My justification Happy/Safe/Servant/Caged Malice/Utter weakness No toleration – invade Committed/Enraged/Admit it Don’t condescend/Don’t even disagree Desire/Decay/Disappoint/Delay You’ve suffered then/Now […]

Welcome – Slipknot

The uncontrollable urges that made me Have made us all – Are you proud? Do you even care? You tought […]

Gently – Slipknot

A pleasure that will take my mind off the reality of life My past life Life as I know it […]

I Am Hated – Slipknot

Two times the devil with all the significance Dragged and raped for the love of a mob I can’t stay […]

Some Feel – Slipknot

Never believing in what they see Some feel that I am not fair I leave no time for repentance Tearing […]

Confessions – Slipknot

But you wonder just the same. So I’ll let you in on this game What’s on the top is just […]

Prosthetics – Slipknot

I decided I want you Now I know…I NEED If you can’t be bought, tougher than I thought Keep in […]

Iowa – Slipknot

I fill your mouth with dirt; Relax… it’s over, you can never leave; I take your second digit with me… […]

Only One – Slipknot

Pain. Sittin’, slappen, scatt’n on my back, try’n to relax Think’n about the facts of the crack runnin’ through the […]

Diluted – Slipknot

I’m always confused by everything I can stare into a thousand eyes But every smile hides a bold-faced lie It […]

Circle – Slipknot

Stand on the face of the ancients Bare, the secret flesh of time itself Follow me (Follow me) I’ve come […]

(sic) – Slipknot

Enemy, show me what you wanna be. I can handle anything even if i can’t handle you. Readily, either way […]

New Abortion – Slipknot

They stick to my skin like beloved cysts I tear away with my nails and teeth and fists Touch the […]

Wait & Bleed – Slipknot

Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves I wander out where you can’t see Inside my shell, I wait […]

Metabolic – Slipknot

Right before my eyes The revolutions of my psychosis Kept me outta the way Once – inside – all I […]

Me Inside* – Slipknot

Feeling claustrophobic, scarred Severed me from all emotion Life is just too fucking hard Snap! your face was all it […]

My Plague – Slipknot

For the final act You came here for The one derivative You manage is the One I abhor I need […]

Purity – Slipknot

Back away from tangents, on the verge of drastic ways…can’t escape this place…I deny your face Sweat gets in my […]

No Life – Slipknot

Whole country’s on house arrest And everyone’s a suspect You can’t feel the flow because you died Face down on […]

Three Nil – Slipknot

Two – Two Three – Three NIL! Chaos – It’s just the beginning Every promise I made iґm rescinding Center […]

Tattered And Torn – Slipknot

Tattered and torn Something aches Tattered and torn Bad things slither Tattered and torn My floors are burning down Tattered […]

Slipknot – Slipknot

They drain the life force of my tribe Pentex sucks! Bonegnawers suck! Bonegnawers suck!! They roll around in garbage bins […]

Eyeless – Slipknot

Insane – Am I the only motherfucker with a brain? I’m hearing voices but all they do is complain How […]

Liberate – Slipknot

(One of me, all of you) Liberate – My madness I just want to… Section off myself Put a wall […]

Duality – Slipknot

Its the only thing That slowly stops the ache But its made of all The things I have to take […]

Before I Forget – Slipknot

Stapled shut – inside an outside world and I’m Sealed in tight – bizarre but right at home Claustrophobic – […]

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