Radio – Smash Mouth

The cat walk to the show All bets are on for those in the known Oh no There’s a caterwaul […]

Home – Smash Mouth

And oh what an odor is rising It seems I’ve stood on this porch at lesser times Now I’ve been […]

Satellite – Smash Mouth

I see a beautiful face It’s pointed straight up towards the smog I know I know you feel me beaming […]

Out Of Sight – Smash Mouth

Smokin’ cigarattes they drink ’til they drool Well we ain’t so dumb, just numb And tomorrow’s another year Could you […]

Pet Names – Smash Mouth

Just when I started to believe that everything was going my way Out came the cloud from under my feet […]

Push – Smash Mouth

Why don’t you set me free I don’t think you own it Cause it belongs to me And if I […]

Heave-Ho – Smash Mouth

She said that she was pissed Up all night making noise And she cant get no rest She said we […]

Who’s There – Smash Mouth

Your face glowing in blue You smile at the thought that there’s something out there Suddenly a smile turns to […]

Padrino – Smash Mouth

You can be the rook or the pawn If you have the strategy that’s best You can be the king […]

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