Baker Baker – Smash Mouth

Make me a day Make me whole again And I wonder what’s in a day What’s in your cake this time I guess you heard he’s gone to L. A. He says that behind my eyes I’m hiding And he tells me I pushed him away That my heart’s been hard to find Here There […]

She Turns Me On – Smash Mouth

The ride was rough but she was smooth Waiting in the wings just doing her thing Locomoting to the groove Number one, have some fun, that’s the rule of the road Lois Lane, Mary Jane, we may never get home Arlene, Annette, Angelena Making the scene it a green Karman Ghia CHORUS Just kiss it […]

Holiday In My Head – Smash Mouth

Everything that you see on the set You look around at your sleepy little town And think that this is as good as it gets Well what you’re lookin’ at is heaven-sent CHORUS Every day is a getaway when all of it goes unsaid I got a holiday a paid holiday I got a holiday […]

The In Set – Smash Mouth

And I know who I wanna know We are the “;In Set”; And they don’t trip if you’re hip At the velvet rope off the strip We are the “;In Set”; Call me cruel and unkind But I’m cool and refined Like a robot CHORUS If you’re not down with us You’re down below Where […]

If You Don’t – Smash Mouth

Like all the rest of them Like all my so called friends Walk with me, stand by me Take what you want from me Get what you feel you need If it means that much to Take it please Chorus: If you don’t come if you don’t go If you think there’s something I should […]

Beer Goggles – Smash Mouth

I don’t love you but I want to Just give me something that I cant hold on to Come on baby and speed your lust to me Here’s my number on a cocktail napkin Think about it like a loaded weapon Cock the hammer and point that thing at me Chorus: Why don’t you call(3x) […]

Disenchanted – Smash Mouth

If you’re looking for no rest And at midnight you can grab your keys And slip into your bulletproof dress Television comes to life And it works the street tonight Siren’s the song and it’s remixed long Into the broad daylight Sleeping with the only one you can’t out run Gotta run before the sun […]

Hold You High – Smash Mouth

When everything is upside down You can look at things differently Come and check my galaxy You’ll be claimin’ stars now, baby I’ll be representin’ clouds But before you get too far out, baby Before you start lookin’ down Let me show you the way how Let me hold you high Ultra touch, sight, and […]