Who’s There – Smash Mouth

Your face glowing in blue You smile at the thought that there’s something out there Suddenly a smile turns to […]

Padrino – Smash Mouth

You can be the rook or the pawn If you have the strategy that’s best You can be the king […]

All Star – Smash Mouth

I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed She was looking kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb […]

Burn Cycle – Smash Mouth

You look like shit ‘Cause you’ve been awake all week Sometimes it’s placed that You call your gaskets Up to […]

Trip – Smash Mouth

Look at me looking at you What’s your name, my name too I’m getting the chills sitting next to you […]

Stoned – Smash Mouth

And everybody’s movin’ on I can’t see my tomorrow and yesterday has come and gone So leave me alone My […]

Sorry – Smash Mouth

Don’t worry about it you look fine How did you get your hair so tight Kicking things, you might as […]

Strung – Smash Mouth

You think it’s fun you think it’s fun and games Can’t tell you ’cause you know everything You know right […]

Flo – Smash Mouth

I bear a striking resemblance to someone you used to know But baby’s it’s me So why the hell do […]

Disenchanted – Smash Mouth

If you’re looking for no rest And at midnight you can grab your keys And slip into your bulletproof dress […]

Hold You High – Smash Mouth

When everything is upside down You can look at things differently Come and check my galaxy You’ll be claimin’ stars […]