Pug – Smashing Pumpkins

Come and drive me home Drag the miles in me I am yours alone Inside where it’s warm Wrap myself in you Outside where I’m torn Fight myself in two In two Into you Desire me so deeply Drain and kick me hard Whisper secrets for me Try to go too far Inside where it’s […]

Frail And Bedazzled – Smashing Pumpkins

Now listen here I wanna be Oh so clear I lost my soul Lost I’ll stay Between your hands And my beliefs And here I am Frail Frail and bedazzled from all the glare Tug At my sleeve My little girl Supermaid She don’t know That I have Stole my smile From a Cheshire Cat […]

Appels + Oranjes – Smashing Pumpkins

What if the clouds refused to rain? What if the wind refused to blow? What if the seas refused to wave? What if the world refused its turn? What if the stars would hesitate? What if what is isn’t true? What are you going to do? What if what is isn’t you? Does that mean […]

To Forgive – Smashing Pumpkins

i forget about where it all began bastard son of a bastard son of a wild eyeed child of the sun and right as rain, i’m not the same but i feel the same, i feel nothing holding back the fool again holding ck the fool pretends i forget to forget nothing is important holding […]

Spaced – Smashing Pumpkins

dead dead dead dead dead was i ever alive? fucking makes you alive in one minute solstice i am solstice filled with mercury filled with mercury liquid fucked see right through your heart see right through your heart fuck your heart i am mercury liquid pure hot, alive, dead, mucked fish eyes, doors i was […]

Here Is No Why – Smashing Pumpkins

the endless drags of a death rock boy mascara sure and lipstick lost glitter burned by restless thoughts of being forgotten and in your sad machines you’ll forever stay desperate and displeased-with whoever you are and you’re a star somewhere-he pulls his hair down-over a frowning smile a hidden diamond you cannot find a secret […]

Love – Smashing Pumpkins

she shimmy shakes, the jimmy jakes of consequence born of the airs and dues, my airs of madness do declare that it’s ok, it’s love it’s what you wanted to see, it’s who you wanted to be for what you needed to need, she’ll make it up love, it’s who you know machine gun blues, […]

Love – Smashing Pumpkins

she shimmy shakes, the jimmy jakes of consequence born of the airs and dues, my airs of madness do declare that it’s ok, it’s love it’s what you wanted to see, it’s who you wanted to be for what you needed to need, she’ll make it up love, it’s who you know machine gun blues, […]

Siva – Smashing Pumpkins

Throwing straight a spark instead Yellow streak down in my hair Dig it in the world I heal Way down deep and in my heart Lies a soul that’s torn apart Tell me, tell me what you’re after I just want to get there faster I don’t live – I invade I don’t give – […]

Crestfallen – Smashing Pumpkins

Where are you when I need you around? Your life is not your own And all I ask you Is for another chance Another way around you To live by circumstance, once again Who am I to need you now? To ask you why, to tell you no To deserve your love and sympathy You […]

Bodies – Smashing Pumpkins

come into my life forever the crumbled cities stand as known of the sights you have been shown of the hurt you call your own love is suicide the empty bodies stand at rest casualties of their own flesh afflicted by their dispossession but no bodies ever knew nobodys no bodies felt like you nobodys […]

1979 – Smashing Pumpkins

on a live wire right up off the street you and i should meet junebug skipping like a stone with the headlights pointed at the dawn we were sure we’d never see an end to it all and i don’t even care to shake these zipper blues and we don’t know just where our bones […]

Ava Adore – Smashing Pumpkins

You’ll always be my whore You’ll be a mother to my child And a child to my heart We must never be apart We must never be apart Lovely girl, you’re the beauty in my world Without you, there aren’t reasons left to find And you’ll pull your crooked teeth You’ll be perfect just like […]

Galapogos – Smashing Pumpkins

softly stolen under our blanket skies and rescue me from me, and all that i believe i won’t deny the pain i won’t deny the change and shoul i fall from grace here with you will you leave me too? carve out your heart for keeps in an old oak tree and hold me for […]

Snail – Smashing Pumpkins

Look close, son, and you’ll believe As your things come undone See you are the only one Flower, seize the hour I did I wait Waiting, waiting for your wake I’ll wait When you wake up you’re all weak Throwing your life away Someday, sorry coming home Sorry snail What you wait for Flower, the […]

Daphne Descends – Smashing Pumpkins

You spy the kidnap kid Who kids you to oblivion It’s the perfect hassle For the perfumed kiss He makes you miss him more than home You love him You love him more than this You love him and you cannot, you can’t resist You love him You love him for yourself You love him […]

Through The Eyes Of Ruby – Smashing Pumpkins

your innocence is treasure, your innocence is death your innocence is all i have breathing underwater, and living under glass and if you spin your love around the secrets of your dreams you may find your love is gone and is not quite what it seemed to appear to disappear beneath all your darkest fears […]

The Tale Of Dusty And Pistol Pete – Smashing Pumpkins

Pistol Pete removes the final breaths from her unkind, and she is shaken What does this mean, in love or in peace? With you lying next to me So faithless serene And she calls to him Let the waste cross the ancient trails to you Far out beneath the sorrow clouds Let them taste the […]

Muzzle – Smashing Pumpkins

to lie here and die among the sorrows adrift among the days for everything i ever said and everything i’ve ever done is gone and dead as all things must surely have to end and great loves will one day have to part i know that i am meant for this world my life has […]

Blew Away – Smashing Pumpkins

But I don’t wanna fade Blew, blew, oooh And if you love her You know it will come true And if you need her You know that she’ll be there Stay awake, I lie here With her and I fall And when I wake inside you I know you know I’m yours Blew, blew away […]

In The Arms Of Sleep – Smashing Pumpkins

peace will not come to this lonely heart there are some things i’ll live without but i want you to know that i need you right now i need you tonite i steal a kiss from her sleeping shadow moves cause i’ll always miss her wherever she goes and i’ll always need her more than […]

Perfect – Smashing Pumpkins

We’re just like old friends We just can’t pretend That lovers make amends We are reasons so unreal We can’t help but feel That something has been lost But please You know you’re just like me Next time I promise we’ll be perfect Perfect Perfect Strangers down the line Lovers out of time Memories unwind […]

Tear – Smashing Pumpkins

Lost in motorcrash Gone in a flash unreal But you knew all along You laugh the light I sing the songs To watch you numb I saw you there You were on your way You held the rain And for the first time, heaven seemed insane ‘Cause heaven is to blame For taking you away […]