Performer SMOG

All Your Women Things – Smog

All your frilly things Scattered ’round my room Right where you left them When you left them Scattered ’round my […]

Strayed – Smog

You walk behind But seem to lead the way Oh, I know I, Oh, I know I have strayed I […]

Ex-Con – Smog

I feel like an ex-con Trying to make good Jean jacket and tie Feel like such a lie When i […]

Lize – Smog

Like they used to They don’t make lies Like they used to You don’t make lies Like you used to […]

Justice Aversion – Smog

Happens on a main street, maybe Lion bites zebra neck Zebra stomps lion head It’s justice Justice aversion In a […]

Sleepy Joe – Smog

I got up in May and had some toast Then I bedded down again I bedded down again Because I […]

Four Hearts In A Can – Smog

Speeding through the countryside And they’re driving as fast as they can Four hearts in a can Speeding through the […]

Your New Friend – Smog

And there’s nothing left to say I know what you’re going to do So i’m going my seperate way You’re […]