Category: SMOKE CITY

With You – Smoke City

With you I felt pain With you I was me And a bit of you too Inhaling and being inhaled In an all or nothing situation If I tried to say no My heart said yes If I tried to disguise it in my voice My eyes gave me away And so we became one […]

Flying Away – Smoke City

I am flying away now Goodbye sweet romance I am flying away now To num aviao saindo fora embora estou num aviao saindo fora pra cima Estou num aviao saindo fora Agora vou embora Esta na hora Bye bye bye Je ne sais pas qu’est ce que c’est Il faut que je parte mon avion […]

Underwater Love – Smoke City

The way I feel it slipping all over me This must be underwater love The way I feel it O que que? esse amor, d’бgua Deve sentir muito parecido a esse amor This is it Underwater love It is so deep So beautifully liquid Esse amor com paixгo, ai Esse amor com paixгo, ai que […]

Mister Gorgeous – Smoke City

Walks up to the bar and orders and As he passes by, they all sigh – ah… When he moves just like a panther, He feels your gaze, but won’t look at ya He won’t dare a smile ‘Cause it’s really not his style Oh Aie, aie, aie, aie, aie Aie, aie, aie, aie, aie…. […]