Category: SNOT

Deadfall – Snot

In a con gone bad Nearly drank myself to death But when he died he said Lou had the cake So I caught a bus headin’ west I saw the numbers running through a small cafe And I knew I’d find my Uncle Lou That’s when Ed stepped up He said pick a card Shape […]

Stoopid – Snot

Foreign pigs will live in fear They never learn Light the match Flames burn higher I need to exterminate the queers My stomach turns Would not heed your worthless cries Strike with fear Cause I won’t wait Your misery Stick your fingers in my eyes Just like somebody blind by hate They cannot see Prompted […]

Snooze Button – Snot

Talkin’ about how you let them take your rights Another redundant verse about how you refused to fight & lost What cost? Your cause has got no champion How could you hope to win? By just complaining Now it’s raining on you parade Decisions made could cost you dearly Not just your money but your […]

Joy Ride – Snot

Not to know I got my 44 I’m tearin’ up the asphalt Drivin’ My engine just can’t take much more Tryin’ to be the one(I have no idea on this one) I got to beat you down I gotta lead the pack When you know I got my gun(drop my guard?) You know I’m havin’ […]