Performer SNOT

I Jus’ Lie – Snot

I’m telling you what you want to hear (or do you really take me true?) It’s what you need to […]

Unplugged – Snot

It seems you’ve had control for much too long Your greed and your dishonesty only add to my frustration Can’t […]

Get Some – Snot

It sticks in my throat I’m gonna choke I cannot speak Besides it runs the fear of the unknown Could […]

Tecato – Snot

You find yourself at ten years old Runnin’ drag and startin’ fights But minors hide behind their rights Start slow […]

Deadfall – Snot

In a con gone bad Nearly drank myself to death But when he died he said Lou had the cake […]

Stoopid – Snot

Foreign pigs will live in fear They never learn Light the match Flames burn higher I need to exterminate the […]

Snooze Button – Snot

Talkin’ about how you let them take your rights Another redundant verse about how you refused to fight & lost […]

Joy Ride – Snot

Not to know I got my 44 I’m tearin’ up the asphalt Drivin’ My engine just can’t take much more […]