Woah – So Solid Crew

And out your pocket something drops out, You turn around, and you lose your crowd I tink, I tink lost […]

Oh No! – So Solid Crew

If I never been seen never heard Never happen never occurred I be there givin out my lyrical word Oh […]

Haters – So Solid Crew

So many haters are clocking our figures So many haters don’t like us rakin papers But all we did was […]

Dilemma – So Solid Crew

Tonight we represent to u the So solid crew feat Harvey Mac MC MegaMan And a unknown man person called […]

Why – So Solid Crew

Dark side sound, going through my head making the room spin around Suddenly dark side bass hits me in the […]

Nasty – So Solid Crew

I know you want some more But are you nasty girl But are you nasty girl I know you want […]

Envy – So Solid Crew

[LADY DYNAMITE] WHen i step up on the microphone, explosive people learn to pimp an play like they know dis […]