Performer SODOM

No Way Out – Sodom

Your touch is like a snakebite kiss Your love is like a boon A leader in my haggard dreams Emotions […]

Resurrection – Sodom

Your soul disappears in eyes of blue With dignity and lonely lust The moon is shining bright to you Angels […]

Volcanic Slut – Sodom

Secret beauty Under female ruins Whom she touched run cold In buring regions Of her empire the thriumph about Life […]

Body Parts – Sodom

Nothing is impossible Wonders of technology We got plastic surgery Organ trading is of use Unavoidable the abuse Need some […]

Back To War – Sodom

And universal peace No suspension Of hostilities Prophecy of bad news This is no fun Come into your own And […]

Liquidation – Sodom

No more vitalities Feeding your mind with fear Smell of death is coming near Squeezing out your blood Life dragging […]

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