Performer SODOM

Silence Is Consent – Sodom

They want to see him die, blood and despoliation Rescue operation A drop in the bucket Armed and seasoned But […]

The Saw Is The Law – Sodom

Signed his path of death Trace him to the place of fright Searching for his daily bread When midnight comes […]

Tombstone – Sodom

They ride Two faced killers on the battle line No defeat One kind deed And bullets to your brain Here […]

Warlike Conspiracy – Sodom

A vacant nameless life The knowledge of the victory With vervent demonized I’ll bring up all my biggest guns For […]

Spiritual Demise – Sodom

The god of the light Escorted by a rolling thunder There is no grace There is no guilt Enflamed by […]

Freaks Of Nature – Sodom

Nobody will come to know the truth Inpore with impeccability Heinous deeds coming soon Freaks of nature Push matters to […]

Iron Fist – Sodom

Invisible hand in front of me Scared to death there’s some one near Scared to move but you can’t stay […]

Erwachet – Sodom

Von Verderbtheit gebrandmarkt Willig Ћrsche zu kЃssen Des Willens beraupt, Unf„hig selber zu denken Man sollte euch wirklich mal ein […]

Sodomized – Sodom

Saw the wide spread dying off Incurable diseased and on the loose Remember the atrocities Stop the painful miseries Waiting […]

Obsessed By Cruelty – Sodom

Almighty his chivalry urge Eriled in the crueltys clutch Strenghed in the believe in himself Growned with the charm of […]

Hydrophobia – Sodom

I’m a powerkeg, ready to explode Never admit defeat in the last resort You better run to set you free […]

Hunting Season – Sodom

Because you forgot the rules The words I said are Sure to come true Your empty promises Treacherous and blind […]

No Way Out – Sodom

Your touch is like a snakebite kiss Your love is like a boon A leader in my haggard dreams Emotions […]

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