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Suicidal Justice – Sodom

Show them that you are the master of carnal desire Confusion in their hateful eyes when they call you a liar You cannot suppress the reflection of hate and rebirth With all your strength of you will to escape from this earth Suicidal justice Collective instinct of death Suicidal justice A war of a man […]

Polytoximaniac – Sodom

I’m quite prepared to use what everyone declines I can’t restrained myself ’cause devils in my head tonight Dullness in my eyes turns all the sunshine into rain And i deceive myself that i could never fall again I’m a polytoximaniac Dangerous and blind A polytoximaniac The truth begins to bite A polytoximaniac It’s all […]

Burst Command Til War – Sodom

Nuclear warheads are ready to fight Total destruction the only might We are all suicide, without brain People are running and dying in pain Burst command til war! The overkill is near Nobody feel the heavy fear Thousand megatons dynamite Wait to kill one life Burst command til war! We live our life in grieved […]

‘Til Death Do Us Unite – Sodom

I feel a rifle bullet bore into my heart A sudden impact shock that stops my pulsing blood I see the glory shining light of paradise And insincerities, forever left behind ’til death do us unite I see the mournful flowers fading on my grave And all my friends are crying to god my soul […]

Bombenhagel – Sodom

Warned against the bombing raid We cowered in a shelter They left us to our fate Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Stukas dived to bring is mortal dreed Bombs fell down as rain Explosions shook the ground Debris is buried the dead again Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Waiting for the painful decision […]

Equinox – Sodom

Hidden in a sacred ark I am the unspoken name And unbegotten spark I am that ever goeth Being myself the way Supreme for creating words None but I have ever heard Emplorer of aeon Plectren of primal paen In the sea my father lies Wept my waters lost forever Where the waste of moe […]

Into Perdition – Sodom

Under their command Like a locust plague Descends upon the land Sanguinary breeding bad blood Silent mortified Man eating crowd Warning of the end None can hear the sound On the day when nature strikes back Into perdition Destroyed and defiled As on a proving ground infected atomised Polluted world Fire spreads at lightning speed […]

Skinned Alive – Sodom

When I was born Mentally deranged Fits of raving madness Immolate beyond the grave Celebrate and enjoy The thrusts with my knife The way you feel Is the way you will die You think you’re dead But you’re just skinned alive I hear you cry But slow and sure Your skin will be my toy […]

Enchanted Lands – Sodom

To find the place of promise Moving silently down Through war disabled centuries Living many secret lives Unrecognised by human eyes Struggling to reach the aim To dwell in perpetuality We are the messengers Of inmost thought Our words of confession Fall away to nought Domination of the universe Contains our vital interests Swift coursing […]

Never Healing Wound – Sodom

No eyes saw them before Exiled and damned from birth till death Rejected by their parents Locked up as beasts No clergy brought their souls to bless Never ending pain In the hour of their death Driven to their tomb By never healing wounds Nobody perceived the cries No famine got appeased In hospitals of […]

The Crippler – Sodom

There is no such thing Tearing up the garbage With pain and suffering Breaking rules is your desire You got no sympathy I’ll put you in a wheelchair That’s your penalty Nothing is secure Nowhere is safe Once you cross the line I will break your spine The crippler Broadcast violence The crippler Prime time […]

Addicted To Abstinence – Sodom

And detriment to health Cutthroat competition Desultory to myself Scary vulgarism Unfathomable cursed Perpetuate my memories Incombustible words Addicted to abstinence Protruberant intestines Exhilerated sight Notorious dinginess Coming from behind I put you to the sword Gasp your vomit out You’ll never reach the shore Defigured like a scrag Scary vulgarism Unfathomable cursed Perpetuate my […]

Persecution Mania – Sodom

Back into the jungles depth Armed to the teeth Cold blooded experienced Mercenary paid to slaughter Sector madness kill and destroy Missing captive locked up In contaminated camps Only war of liberation Let them gather fresh hope Hostile crossfire finished eight lives Bowels bury me alive Green hell swallows a silhouette I could get away […]

Unbury The Hatchet – Sodom

They don’t know what is really going on Like a clever move in a game of chess To make an enemy of the world They stick at nothing You better give yourself up Can’t stop to see you suffering Time for your blood to spill Unbury the hatchet Kick the mighty from their seats Unbury […]

Die Stumme Ursel – Sodom

Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick Ein M„dschen zum kuscheln und lieben Und nur ganz allein fЃr mich Bin der ersten Mann in ihrem Leben Mein Wunsch geht in ErfЃllung Kann es nicht erwarten Sie endlich auszupakken Ich nenn sie stumme Ursel Weil sie nicht reden kann Doch ihr Schweigen Bring mein Blut in […]

Verrecke! – Sodom

Eine Klingel ohne Namen, nirgends registriert Finistere Gestalten wohin man sieht Am Tage noch da haben sie Versicherungen vertickt Doch im der Nacht werden sie zu Monstern Fernab von Frau und Kind Verrecke! Verrecke! Verrecke! Auf der Suche nach frischem Fleisch Wie WФlfe im Schafspelz zu allem bereit Leichen Pflastern euren Weg Im Angesicht des […]

One Step Over The Line – Sodom

Where time stands still In a paradise of love and hate Like pack of hounds Invading the land Girls sell their bodies Like hot cakes Unscrupulous deals With human flesh To live the life of Riley Behaving like bulls In a China chop Pots of money but nothing to pay One step over the line […]

Bullet In The Head – Sodom

Consumer groups Inspired to say yes Debasement by Your mad persuasion Destroyed while you progress Bullet in the head Kick the bucket Are you prepared? There is a bullet in your head To stop the way You earn your bread Cold blooded and mendacious Selling of illusions Ferocious without remorse You give them a trip […]

Deadline – Sodom

Takes you off the ground Embrace your hopes And pray to them When your smile turns upside down Silent noise in sleepless nights Freeze your mind and blood Think about your morbid life Is there any god? No postponement Death by the law At zero hour Stops your beating heart Your days are numbered Your […]

Gathering Of Minds – Sodom

You try to fly with broken wings You take off high to avoid the death Gathering of minds Gathering of minds Diseased thoughts, you get scared Declining years, nuclearised Gathering of minds Gathering of minds Put up a fierce resistance To the slow decay in you When you fall into the black hole Your body […]

Gathering Of Minds – Sodom

You try to fly with broken wings You take off high to avoid the death Gathering of minds Gathering of minds Diseased thoughts, you get scared Declining years, nuclearised Gathering of minds Gathering of minds Put up a fierce resistance To the slow decay in you When you fall into the black hole Your body […]

Mantelmann – Sodom

Als Knabe stand er vor dem Spiegel Berauscht vom Duft der ersten Liebe Es waren diese TrДume da Er spБrte das es anders war Das erste Mal das ich es tu’ Vielleicht schaut mir ja jemand zu Was ich berБhr so Androgyn Das sollen auch die Anderen sehen Mantelmann Dort steht er hinter einem Baum […]