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Cold Sweat – Sodom

Dedicated To : Phil Lynott (RIP) ) I put my money in the suitcase And headed for the big race I felt a chill on my backbone As I hung up the telephone Stone cold sober and stone cold sweat Running down the back of my neck To lose means trouble, to win pays double […]

Jabba The Hut – Sodom

Malodorous flatulence wherever you go Obese, sweaty and fattened Like a swine in a prime of grease Jabba the hut Jabba the hut Jabba the hut Jabba the hut You try to find a well shaped woman But your body is a deterrence This greedy boy escapes from reality The girl takes the bull by […]

Electrocution – Sodom

Urged by sexual instinct Absurbed massacre, casualties No chance to get away Bloodthirstiness, dismemberment Pathological satisfaction Stimulated thoughts, increased wantonness Until redeemed climax Time will come to balance the account Send you legally to hell Electric chair is reserved sure enough Your death struggle rings the bell Brutal rapes, child mistreated Unscrupulous crimes Greed of […]

Witchhammer – Sodom

Hangmans are ready to burst their axes down They want pull the hammer down to fair wemon Witchhammer torment bressed ladies Witchhammer greedy looked eyes Witchhammer burning souls Witchhammer malice rice Lameing qui te in streets of black death Terrible monsters, nasty gnomes and mean vampires The lewness of millions massed Want pull the hammer […]

Frozen Screams – Sodom

Sexual urge Unleashed energy Repressed for so many years No more continence Dreams of smashing Let ablaze this dark abyss The fruits of my life So fully developed Burned up to a crisp Hatred turns to apathy But now the begger changed into a king I cannot hear the frozen screams My mind feels so […]

Fuck The Police – Sodom

New age rebellion – anarchy Intoxicated with injustice of law Sneaking lifes – mental decay Practicise subversive dirty needs No acts of grace – stand up and fight You are their slave but never questioned why Born on your knees – don’t give a shit You are remote controlled but who is to blame Fuck […]

Visual Buggery – Sodom

Total exhibition by political supreme They look away and keep restrained cause money doesn’t smell Don’t wanna hear the cries, forever damned in hell Mind decapitation TV Strangulation Insane misdeeds without a trace Nobody sees your smiling face Visual Buggery Barbarically electrified by terror and by pain Consuming the irreverance, enjoyment for the brain Depravation […]

Peacemaker’s Law – Sodom

Don’t be afraid of any man No matter what his size Just call on me, I will be there And I will equalise Peacemaker’s law Thumb-buster’s draw Peacemaker’s law A bad boys war Don’t shoot a man into his back Ignore his warning signs Give him a chance to turn around Maybe you will decide […]

Cowardice – Sodom

Your mind, your soul genetically deformed The nature struck back with a fatal mistake In witness whereof what hell can create The darkside of the mocking curse Fervent love your pet averse Thousands blugeoned lifes Dastardly cowardice Cowardice – a freezing touch Cowardice – bloody embrace Innocent blood adorns your raping hands Importunity and lewdness […]

Schwerter Zu Pflugscharen – Sodom

Mit stiefeln hast du mich getreten Wie ein wolf auf mich gelauert Ich war dir hilflos ausgeliefert Hast meine wкrde mir geraubt Um gnade liessest du mich winseln Zu oft den tod mir prophezeit Niemals werd’ ich den frieden finden Voller hass und leid Die peitsche musst’ ich t®glich spкren Und auch den dolch in […]

Nuctemeron – Sodom

Loose craftiness and scorn Firesnakes reel around merkurs staff Lightnings praise let glow in jows sing Souls return to visit isolated graves The moment came where circles angulars burn Nuctemeron Lights of darkness Hour of witchcraft and sorcery Heavenly shpere voice strike up Nuctemeron High magics memorial Nuctemeron Creators perfection Nuctemeron Nuctemeron A fire that […]

Fall Of Majesty Town – Sodom

Absorbed in solitudes deep Where men and beast are one Deads disturbed in eternal peace There is a town of curse Crueltys bleeding place Dreadful illumation of lust Squat behind the gates of proscription A memorial that never somebody forget Once by god created and destroyed Meaned is the majesty town SODOM Known in all […]

Wander In The Valley – Sodom

On your knees Praying at the burial ground Mistrustful eyes of intimacy Pointing the way to the other side You hear the screams of a million souls Unguarded and left to their own resources Where time turned into a frozen block And even the water of life You will die! Wander in the valley As […]

Scum – Sodom

Do you see All the dreg of humanity Rank and file That looks at me Creeping out of gloomy holes Like dirty lousy rats Soiling up this peaceful place With all their rotten shit Scum Scum Every inch Misantrophists Holding in contempt The dignity of man Coloured whipping boys Victimised by their foolish hate Defenceless […]

Delight In Slaying – Sodom

No laughter of the folk No power of the heaven Desolation of the earth Worship blood and fire Worship swords and spears Damn them who have pity Kill them who have tears Delight in slaying Delight in slaying Find ecstasy in vengeance The joy of life and death Raise yourself in pride With courage and […]

Gisela – Sodom

Es wird nie mehr so sein wie es frкher einmal war Der zauber ist verflogen denn sie ist nicht mehr da Nur sie war fкr mich immer eine kleine sкnde wert Doch sie wollte nur das eine und ich hab’s zu sp®t gemerkt Und eines tages stand geschrieben in einem pornoheft “gisela, 40 stark behaart […]

Proctelytism Real – Sodom

Psychosis of a rabid sickless brood Esoteric dreams a foreign man Nocturnal flush, frenzied and rude Buried in a nameless grave Stand up again the world to save The fear of darkness and of death An ormament wedge Sigh by prophecy Bestial thought Drive me in corupt Hungry belussions Inseparable huminilty So man I came […]

Reincarnation – Sodom

In peace you live in peace you will go Behind the scenes of salvation Nobody knows lust and temptation The mass begins the spirit appears The man in black nothing he fears A fatal disguise is what you call holy Where is god? I want you to show me. In the name of the father […]

Book Burning – Sodom

With hearts that have no right to beat Whispering echoes forcasting my fate From heaven to hell I spirit away The shadow of wathers haunting my soul Replacing my life for a handful of gold The slings and the fetters of outrageous foes Peremptory baseness where glory once shone Losing the ground at the end […]

Suicidal Justice – Sodom

Show them that you are the master of carnal desire Confusion in their hateful eyes when they call you a liar You cannot suppress the reflection of hate and rebirth With all your strength of you will to escape from this earth Suicidal justice Collective instinct of death Suicidal justice A war of a man […]

Polytoximaniac – Sodom

I’m quite prepared to use what everyone declines I can’t restrained myself ’cause devils in my head tonight Dullness in my eyes turns all the sunshine into rain And i deceive myself that i could never fall again I’m a polytoximaniac Dangerous and blind A polytoximaniac The truth begins to bite A polytoximaniac It’s all […]

Burst Command Til War – Sodom

Nuclear warheads are ready to fight Total destruction the only might We are all suicide, without brain People are running and dying in pain Burst command til war! The overkill is near Nobody feel the heavy fear Thousand megatons dynamite Wait to kill one life Burst command til war! We live our life in grieved […]

‘Til Death Do Us Unite – Sodom

I feel a rifle bullet bore into my heart A sudden impact shock that stops my pulsing blood I see the glory shining light of paradise And insincerities, forever left behind ’til death do us unite I see the mournful flowers fading on my grave And all my friends are crying to god my soul […]

Bombenhagel – Sodom

Warned against the bombing raid We cowered in a shelter They left us to our fate Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Stukas dived to bring is mortal dreed Bombs fell down as rain Explosions shook the ground Debris is buried the dead again Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Waiting for the painful decision […]

Equinox – Sodom

Hidden in a sacred ark I am the unspoken name And unbegotten spark I am that ever goeth Being myself the way Supreme for creating words None but I have ever heard Emplorer of aeon Plectren of primal paen In the sea my father lies Wept my waters lost forever Where the waste of moe […]

Into Perdition – Sodom

Under their command Like a locust plague Descends upon the land Sanguinary breeding bad blood Silent mortified Man eating crowd Warning of the end None can hear the sound On the day when nature strikes back Into perdition Destroyed and defiled As on a proving ground infected atomised Polluted world Fire spreads at lightning speed […]

Skinned Alive – Sodom

When I was born Mentally deranged Fits of raving madness Immolate beyond the grave Celebrate and enjoy The thrusts with my knife The way you feel Is the way you will die You think you’re dead But you’re just skinned alive I hear you cry But slow and sure Your skin will be my toy […]

Enchanted Lands – Sodom

To find the place of promise Moving silently down Through war disabled centuries Living many secret lives Unrecognised by human eyes Struggling to reach the aim To dwell in perpetuality We are the messengers Of inmost thought Our words of confession Fall away to nought Domination of the universe Contains our vital interests Swift coursing […]

Never Healing Wound – Sodom

No eyes saw them before Exiled and damned from birth till death Rejected by their parents Locked up as beasts No clergy brought their souls to bless Never ending pain In the hour of their death Driven to their tomb By never healing wounds Nobody perceived the cries No famine got appeased In hospitals of […]

The Crippler – Sodom

There is no such thing Tearing up the garbage With pain and suffering Breaking rules is your desire You got no sympathy I’ll put you in a wheelchair That’s your penalty Nothing is secure Nowhere is safe Once you cross the line I will break your spine The crippler Broadcast violence The crippler Prime time […]

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