Performer SODOM

Back To War – Sodom

And universal peace No suspension Of hostilities Prophecy of bad news This is no fun Come into your own And […]

Liquidation – Sodom

No more vitalities Feeding your mind with fear Smell of death is coming near Squeezing out your blood Life dragging […]

Don’t Walk Away – Sodom

I wish she would, your fat blanket mother She growls and roars like thunder A mouth so big, the eighth […]

Conjuration – Sodom

There meet the maniacs Burning flickering candles Smell of blood and death Please the favour of the black Earthery joys […]

Murder In My Eyes – Sodom

Give me a sign that you exist At the threshold of entrance I’m filled with hopes and yearning To find […]

Deathlike Silence – Sodom

Fulfilled of suspended bare foreboding Great erhaulted forms of life Touched me by my nightmare Feel the inflamed impression in […]

Nuclear Winter – Sodom

Deserted neglected into the dark Devitalised souls cripple the planet in greed Proceed until we are Absorbed in blood Causing […]

My Atonement – Sodom

With fire, blood, swords and reverence See that hour blessed splendour in my name War engines and battles of conquest […]

Gomorrah – Sodom

Admonition of the death Obscurity and secret force What are these symbols standing for? Gomorrah, mother of harlotry Gomorrah, ascendancy […]

Better Off Dead – Sodom

Where there is no return Try to find a pleasant means of death All your life you have learnt Tortured […]

Stalinorgel – Sodom

Offensive in blizzards and fog Opening of the conflagration Thrust to the hostile front Snowed up Russian winter There’s nothing […]

Cold Sweat – Sodom

Dedicated To : Phil Lynott (RIP) ) I put my money in the suitcase And headed for the big race […]

Jabba The Hut – Sodom

Malodorous flatulence wherever you go Obese, sweaty and fattened Like a swine in a prime of grease Jabba the hut […]

Electrocution – Sodom

Urged by sexual instinct Absurbed massacre, casualties No chance to get away Bloodthirstiness, dismemberment Pathological satisfaction Stimulated thoughts, increased wantonness […]

Witchhammer – Sodom

Hangmans are ready to burst their axes down They want pull the hammer down to fair wemon Witchhammer torment bressed […]

Frozen Screams – Sodom

Sexual urge Unleashed energy Repressed for so many years No more continence Dreams of smashing Let ablaze this dark abyss […]

Fuck The Police – Sodom

New age rebellion – anarchy Intoxicated with injustice of law Sneaking lifes – mental decay Practicise subversive dirty needs No […]

Visual Buggery – Sodom

Total exhibition by political supreme They look away and keep restrained cause money doesn’t smell Don’t wanna hear the cries, […]

Cowardice – Sodom

Your mind, your soul genetically deformed The nature struck back with a fatal mistake In witness whereof what hell can […]

Nuctemeron – Sodom

Loose craftiness and scorn Firesnakes reel around merkurs staff Lightnings praise let glow in jows sing Souls return to visit […]

Scum – Sodom

Do you see All the dreg of humanity Rank and file That looks at me Creeping out of gloomy holes […]

Delight In Slaying – Sodom

No laughter of the folk No power of the heaven Desolation of the earth Worship blood and fire Worship swords […]

Gisela – Sodom

Es wird nie mehr so sein wie es frкher einmal war Der zauber ist verflogen denn sie ist nicht mehr […]

Proctelytism Real – Sodom

Psychosis of a rabid sickless brood Esoteric dreams a foreign man Nocturnal flush, frenzied and rude Buried in a nameless […]

Reincarnation – Sodom

In peace you live in peace you will go Behind the scenes of salvation Nobody knows lust and temptation The […]

Book Burning – Sodom

With hearts that have no right to beat Whispering echoes forcasting my fate From heaven to hell I spirit away […]

Suicidal Justice – Sodom

Show them that you are the master of carnal desire Confusion in their hateful eyes when they call you a […]

Polytoximaniac – Sodom

I’m quite prepared to use what everyone declines I can’t restrained myself ’cause devils in my head tonight Dullness in […]

Burst Command Til War – Sodom

Nuclear warheads are ready to fight Total destruction the only might We are all suicide, without brain People are running […]

Bombenhagel – Sodom

Warned against the bombing raid We cowered in a shelter They left us to our fate Bombenhagel – Bombenhagel Bombenhagel […]

Equinox – Sodom

Hidden in a sacred ark I am the unspoken name And unbegotten spark I am that ever goeth Being myself […]

Into Perdition – Sodom

Under their command Like a locust plague Descends upon the land Sanguinary breeding bad blood Silent mortified Man eating crowd […]

Skinned Alive – Sodom

When I was born Mentally deranged Fits of raving madness Immolate beyond the grave Celebrate and enjoy The thrusts with […]

Enchanted Lands – Sodom

To find the place of promise Moving silently down Through war disabled centuries Living many secret lives Unrecognised by human […]

The Crippler – Sodom

There is no such thing Tearing up the garbage With pain and suffering Breaking rules is your desire You got […]

Addicted To Abstinence – Sodom

And detriment to health Cutthroat competition Desultory to myself Scary vulgarism Unfathomable cursed Perpetuate my memories Incombustible words Addicted to […]

Persecution Mania – Sodom

Back into the jungles depth Armed to the teeth Cold blooded experienced Mercenary paid to slaughter Sector madness kill and […]

Die Stumme Ursel – Sodom

Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick Ein M„dschen zum kuscheln und lieben Und nur ganz allein fЃr mich Bin […]

Verrecke! – Sodom

Eine Klingel ohne Namen, nirgends registriert Finistere Gestalten wohin man sieht Am Tage noch da haben sie Versicherungen vertickt Doch […]

Bullet In The Head – Sodom

Consumer groups Inspired to say yes Debasement by Your mad persuasion Destroyed while you progress Bullet in the head Kick […]

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