Soldiers Fortune – Liedge Lord

In vain it’s come down, the sin of selfish gain
It’s dropped a binding sheet of action to the brain
With untamed violence, we move for powers lair
Black magic’s practice full in spirit and in prayer
I see this going down, four corners of this world
I’m gonna end it all, towards glory I’ll be hurled

I’ll burn the evil and the crown it wears
A fire bright to cleanse the fear it bears
And in return the only price I ask is clear
A eulogy for all the battles I will bear

I’ll face terror of war being penned
And swing a mighty sword of world without end
And when the evil laughs at battle with it’s might
The words I speak will drown
their courage and their flight

I’ve taken to the flight of glory
I’ll turn new pages of your story
The power of my passions bright
Evil bows done to one’s tremendous height

I’m marching out, the leader in command
I have the men behind to corners of the land
Infesting world crime, inflicting without care
Carved in my arms the victories I wear


Lyric Soldiers Fortune – Liedge Lord