Category: SOLSTICE

Blackthorne – Solstice

Dream silent among grey basalt halls Neither here, nor ever did I belong The haunted, the hunted still stands alone And ice enshrined this fragile kingdom Awoke desires of forgotten bliss Rise to the sun they fall in anguish Tenebrous sorrow this day would bring Etherial watchers with eloquence spoke Such myriad lands now forsook […]

Cimmerian Codex – Solstice

Of nighted vales, betwixed time and light Still falls the rain, silent, unclean Unfetted, unleashed, I sought the gate Lascivious, beckoning, at the threshholds forbode Satyriasis vermivorous in shadow encloaked Frozen in antiquity (mocking cruelly) Terous in angle citadels profane Across yawning chasm of tribulation Farewell to Sol, in perpetuum rise (Ascension beyond) corporeal constraint […]