Performer SOLSTICE

Only The Strong – Solstice

the summerlands made home a hollow shell, our utopia now empty lies his oaken throne veiled in mist, true revelation […]

Hammer Of Damnation – Solstice

Where the serpent lay coiled, upon Babilian tower In charnel gardens, spawn twelve black orchids Colder than death, incandescent they […]

Cromlech – Solstice

For three suns drown a kingdom (of dusk) And (as lost portents) three moons wane The soil drank our blood […]

Winter Moon Rapture – Solstice

this endless quest for sanctuary pure as formless levithans swim avernian seas crystal citadels call me in my dreams desolate […]

Blackthorne – Solstice

Dream silent among grey basalt halls Neither here, nor ever did I belong The haunted, the hunted still stands alone […]

Cimmerian Codex – Solstice

Of nighted vales, betwixed time and light Still falls the rain, silent, unclean Unfetted, unleashed, I sought the gate Lascivious, […]