Something You See – Demolition

Everything Allright You Can’T Get Enough
The Only Trouble For Me Is Plastic
Because My Body Becomes Strange Elastic

No One Can Save My Body
Or Save My Money, I Need It All
No One Can Know My Problem
Become Godlike Is All

Something You See Is False 2x

My Silicon Ass Resembles A God
The Surgical Magic Has Done A Lot
The Blue Contact Lenses For My Eyes ‘Re Perfect
It’S Better Than Brown, You Order Direct

No One Can…..

Something You See Is False 2x

My Doctor Had Said ; He ‘D Do It Blind
And If He Gets Money He ‘D Repair My Mind
But I Don’T Know, Should I Really Try It
The Only Luck Is My Personal Outfit

Lyric Something You See – Demolition