Replica – Sonata Arctica

I’m home again, I won the war, and now I am behind your door. I tried so hard to obey the law, see the meaning of it all. Remember me? Before the war. I’m the man who lived next door. Long ago… As you can see, when you look at me, I’m pieces of what […]

Destruction Preventer – Sonata Arctica

I’m at home where my coat’s hanging, I’m a shepherd of raising sun I believe and trust in my land, I control, I am in charge of Everyones future, red button is mine Miss the times when I was roaring in the center of all mankind I said how they should live their life, I […]

My Land – Sonata Arctica

My own land has closed ots gates on me All alone in world, it’s scaring me I am here to prove you wrong I’m accused of something I live for In my dreamland, there’s some who understands A friendly soul, trusting life in my hands Yes, I gave it all I can Now it’s invaded […]

Picturing The Past – Sonata Arctica

In a house where no one never sleeps, lays a man who sees more with his eyes Picturing the past before him, in a bed, alone, with clothes on Paying for a service he doesn’t really need With his eyes, he sees more love and lust more tears, far too much to handle Can’t tell […]