When It’s Right – Sons Of The Desert

I used to be a really sensible guy I had a plan I was in control Then love came and changed my mind Not to mention my heart Not to mention my soul When you’re dealin’ with a thing like love You’re dealin’ with unseen forces Just when you think that you’re safe enough You […]

That’s The Kind Of Love You’re In – Sons Of The Desert

Will our love start getting old Maybe when the ocean’s dry Or when the sun turns cold Baby that’s the kind of love you’re in Baby that’s the kind of love you’re in All my days i’m by your side Till I have no days left to give From the bottom of my soul You’re […]

Change – Sons Of The Desert

Billy’s standing out by a west Texas highway With his thumb in the morning air He’s spent 18 summers in the dust of Odessa Never getting nowhere But he got him a misspelled cardboard Of Albuquerque standin’ in the breakdown lane He ain’t lookin’ for a ride so much as he’s looking for a Change, […]

Too Far To Where You Are – Sons Of The Desert

About having you alone I know that you’ll be there for me But in my favorite fantasy You won’t be… Chorus: Across the street, across the room A step away That’s just too far for me To feel you breathe each time you lay Your head on my shoulder And say that we will never […]

Bring On The Angel – Sons Of The Desert

You could say I never liked the square life You could blame it on my circle of friends It’s just been me, Jack D., Jimmy B. and Johnny Walker Red Thought of raising my standard of living ‘Cause you know it’s never mattered to me If I was sleeping it off in a Ford or […]

Albuquerque – Sons Of The Desert

I’ve spent twenty three nights in this one horse town I’ve been jacked up, been broke down for too long I’ve been bustin’ my tail in the blazing sun Watching jack rabbits watch tumbleweeds run until dawn Something’s whisperin’ in my ear That I should be light years from here in Albuquerque where the skies […]

Leaving October – Sons Of The Desert

The autumn leaves they rush outside my window Like they’ve got something so important they must do Sara will be home now any minute She likes her third grade teacher and looks So much like you I struck a match to light the furnace in the hallway I could smell the summer dust burning in […]