Listen – Sophie B. Hawkins

I love the way life screwed up the way you’re looking at me I love your face Listen I don’t mind a temper But baby I can’t chew my supper I can’t even swallow water I’m all filled up With my sweet disorder And I’m about ready to take my elbows off this table I’m […]

Only Love (The Ballad Of Sleeping Beauty) – Sophie B. Hawkins

Ahaaa… You don’t know why I’m crazy I don’t know why your blue You messed with my head You messed with the dead Now I’m gonna mess with you I don’t know why your lazy I’m so in love with you What’s God gonna see Who’s God gonna know When’s God gonna help us through […]

Did We Not Choose Each Other – Sophie B. Hawkins

You’ve launched a secret heart with your face You don’t always say what I want to hear but you move me Across the rooftops and into the deep blue sea Did we not choose each other Are we just heroes for a day This time I will stand by you And mine is the heart […]

Carry Me – Sophie B. Hawkins

The way I love mine Expecting nothing of her ‘Cause she was changing all the time I couldn’t take my mother And I’ll never hate my home But I learned to rock myself child And get on Do you feel your mother The way I feel mine I tried to change the nature But now […]

Don’t Stop Swaying – Sophie B. Hawkins

All I wanted was to start with you Was the hardest thing I ever had to do Till I made you care Yo brother You sure heard me Banging on the big drums for your love You called me baby then Talked to me like your best friend When the time was right you were […]