Sorry – All Living Fear

my friends and me, we’d stopped out late.
nothing to do, nowhere to go,
put the car into gear, hit the open road.
karl at the wheel, driving too fast.
we told him slow down, but he didn’t hear.
saw you to late, no time to stop.
nowhere to turn, I knew you were hurt.

no, nobody said it would be easy, I know.
no, nobody said it would be easy.
I can’t forgive myslef and no one else,
for what we’ve done to you.
please, will you ever belive me.
I’m sorry more than words can say,
wish it didn’t have to be this way.

outside the theatre, no one was there.
the doctors had finished, where were you now.
they said it was bad, had to see for myself.
no one to stop me, no nurses about.
you looked so pale, I felt so scared.
you were hardly breathing, the monitor said.
your pulse to slow, your blood pressure high.
I prayed to god that you wouldn’t die.

Lyric Sorry – All Living Fear