Grounded – Soul Asylum

(And? It’d?) head on down the highway Say this is my way Disappearing forever But there ain’t just one way […]

Money Talks – Soul Asylum

We’re whipping out our wallets trying to but what we’re missing Money screams out “;I need a slave”; I’m just […]

Happy – Soul Asylum

I’m one of the boys, so self employed When we’re together, could last forever And I’m almost there I’m away […]

P-9 – Soul Asylum

Business is sinking and the crew’s been casted off Nobody’s bailing, nobody’s sailing, but we’re watching it from shore Nobody’s […]

Twiddly Dee – Soul Asylum

There’s a giant sleeping and his pants are undone He shows no pity for anyone He’s sure to be killed […]

Cartoon – Soul Asylum

if I’m dragging by some coat tail, I can’t see it’s too dark, but I’ve got to know what’s got […]

Black Gold – Soul Asylum

Tryin’ to push each other down See the crowd gather ’round Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd Black gold […]

Ode – Soul Asylum

Chewed his cud, was a stick in the mud I swear he hated everyone And he’s bumming nickels and bumming […]

Close – Soul Asylum

Short of dying just the other day, fell short of picking up a mop If it’s the thought that counts, […]

Voodoo Doll – Soul Asylum

tearing out what’s been trapped in My puppet strings, been pulled too tight I can see the real me’s going […]

Hopes Up – Soul Asylum

I’ve tried every single one And no one can take your place Everybody gets replaced My time has neither come […]

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