Hopes Up – Soul Asylum

I’ve tried every single one And no one can take your place Everybody gets replaced My time has neither come […]

Long Day – Soul Asylum

Ever so nervously, people lookin’ down on me, telling me it’s all right If it were up to me I’d […]

Misery – Soul Asylum

We could start a company and make misery Frustrated, Incorporated Well I know just what you need I might just […]

Beggars And Choosers – Soul Asylum

——————————————————————————– Right before the aftermath, I saw where it would end. They said it was an accident, I guess that […]

Stranger – Soul Asylum

I said “;Hey brown girl I seen tears through the window of the junk shop downtown”; Selling trinkets from your […]

Down On Up To Me – Soul Asylum

Welcome to the minority. It’snot someplace you have to go, it’s not something you have toknow. Don’t do this, don’t […]

Shut Down – Soul Asylum

I’ve been loved and hated I’ve been pulled aside and told that life was overrated No, I don’t believe it […]

Freeway – Soul Asylum

Out on the freeway freeway Nobody said it would be easy Freeway freeway Take me back to _______________ I can’t […]

Cradle Chain – Soul Asylum

Hearing things loud and clear, come outside have no fear And clear the smoke, get some fresh air, someone waits, […]

Freaks – Soul Asylum

guts start spillin its piece of a puzzle piece of a trouble is it somethin else? ure sellin yourself Im […]

We 3 – Soul Asylum

To my favorite band I was pushed aside I said “;hey don’t push me no one pushes me”; When I […]

Homesick – Soul Asylum

In a dream I’ve never had Cause I just can’t live like this in a world like this I just […]

The Game – Soul Asylum

Plays it with me all the time Makes me feel pretty good, I guess Hey that’s a pretty dress But […]

99% – Soul Asylum

Never disown you, never treat you unkind But once in a while, you get on my nerves Once in a […]

Crawl – Soul Asylum

So get me out of here I should be blowin’ In someone else’s ear I’m looking forward to looking back […]

Caged Rat – Soul Asylum

Why don’t you go home and spend some time alone In the corner I looked across the room To the […]

New World – Soul Asylum

No one’s around except for the drinking Nobody ever gets around But those who leave the township sinking May you […]

Walking – Soul Asylum

Works all right, party’s fine, but sleeping is my scene The traffic inside your head is tearing you apart Stick […]

Hope – Soul Asylum

You’re already thinking about someone else. When he comes home you’ll be in his arms and I’ll be gone But […]

April Fool – Soul Asylum

Tired of playin’ the clown If I want your opinion I’ll ask ya I can get myself down Night driving […]

Spinnin’ – Soul Asylum

Undermining all that we know Suddenly starts thinkin’ been fooled from the beginnin’ When the cause is lost you find […]

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