We 3 – Soul Asylum

To my favorite band I was pushed aside I said “;hey don’t push me no one pushes me”; When I was face to face with the woman I admired And she gave me this look I could not believe And the cold stare remained; I wanted to leave See, I do believe anger is offset […]

Goin’ Down – Soul Asylum

With a saturated liver And I thought I would forgive her But I do believe she meant it When she told me to forget it And I bet she will regret it When they find me in the morning wet and drowned And the word gets ’round Goin’ down I’m Goin’ down Coming’ up for […]

Secret No More – Soul Asylum

Is it something we can make it through I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to figure you out Like a black silhouette in a shadow of doubt Some kinda spectacle that no one can see through But it burns inside, you hide it well You hide it from yourself And you promise that […]

Brand New Shine – Soul Asylum

But I suppose you’ve seen it all before There’s one thing I’m trying to tell you But then again, you’ve heard it all before I survived another week just like the one before, When everything you wanted somehow leaves you wanting more And I looked beneath the carpet behind each and every door, Trying to […]

Homesick – Soul Asylum

In a dream I’ve never had Cause I just can’t live like this in a world like this I just want a kiss goodbye And we are not of this world And there’s a place for us Stuck inside this fleeting moment Tucked away where no one own it Wrapped up in a haste and […]

Get On Out – Soul Asylum

I gotta get on out All these worried troubled thoughts gotta get on out of my head Gotta get on out of my head Will I be on the streets tomorrow Will I have to beg and borrow Will I have to go back to the job I left behind Could you still make it […]

Easy Street – Soul Asylum

At the last moment he picked up the phone and gave you a call You thought about letting it ring, but you answered after all And there you were, put on the spot at the end of the other line For questions that you never thought you’d ever have to answer to Who do you […]

Something Out Of Nothing – Soul Asylum

One thing I might say, no one’s gotta know about running away Trying to make something out of nothing Leaning hard on yet another drug All of these temptations keep me wanting to feel your touch It’s not supposed to make you feel so Helpless, selfless, crying for some tenderness I miss your kiss, impossible […]

Ain’t That Tough – Soul Asylum

You don’t get old you just get passive and then you stand and stare Hey nobody’s keeping you from stopping Like a bulb without a socket your finger trigger’s itching but you forgot to cock it And things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would be No you can’t take that out on […]

The Game – Soul Asylum

Plays it with me all the time Makes me feel pretty good, I guess Hey that’s a pretty dress But you shouldn’t have No, you shouldn’t have Let me know No you shouldn’t have Really shouldn’t have Let it show Play with me, don’t play with me Don’t play Play with me, don’t play with […]

Nowhere To Go – Soul Asylum

Where the men were mean The women were scarce And the sheep were mighty nervous You know I’m just a cowboy But I got no place to go There’s no more ranges for me to ride They got rid of those 60, 70 years ago Stop, Look where you’re going You’re not going anywhere People […]

Religiavision – Soul Asylum

The mother offers up the child to the preaching of channel two The empires rise and the babies cry, when is the lesson to be learned And all I hear is the commercials and now the crosses are gonna burn Now I ain’t gonna be the cure to wash away your sins Why so the […]

Somebody To Shove – Soul Asylum

And the phone hasn’t rang for so long And the time flies by like a vulture in the sky Suddenly he breaks into song I’m waiting by the phone Waiting for you to call me up and tell me I’m not alone I’m waiting by the phone Waiting for you to call me up and […]

99% – Soul Asylum

Never disown you, never treat you unkind But once in a while, you get on my nerves Once in a while, you get what you deserve I need you ninety-nine percent of the time Ninety-nine percent of the time (x3) If I asked you what’s on your mind Would you say me, would they be […]

Crawl – Soul Asylum

So get me out of here I should be blowin’ In someone else’s ear I’m looking forward to looking back On days like today Though I wish you would go away Stay, won’t you stay I’m gonna crawl I never felt better just crawling home I’m gonna crawl home, crawl home alone Good to see […]

Lies Of Hate – Soul Asylum

Lies of hate You make these walls from Lines of a face Nobody’s watching so why do you act like a fake You make me crawl from Lies of hate You wake me up from The lines that seperate And when you shine I know how to find out about How to get out of […]

Creatures Of Habit – Soul Asylum

If the darkness has no end, light up the darkness It ain’t on what you can depend, it’s who you can depend on If the rain wants to come in, you can let the rain in If the darkness is your friend, you can hold the darkness And if it ain’t what you got, you […]

Never Really Been – Soul Asylum

Movie cameras rolling in And there goes my hero with his head between his legs And all this time I believed in him Now, what is the sound of snow falling down On the tombstone in the dead of the night? And who is the hound at the downtown dog pound Who speaks English when […]

Caged Rat – Soul Asylum

Why don’t you go home and spend some time alone In the corner I looked across the room To the other corner, I knew I’d be there soon Caged rat (x12) In the corner I looked across the room I knew I’d be there soon, in the (other) corner Caged rat (x12) Why don’t you […]

New World – Soul Asylum

No one’s around except for the drinking Nobody ever gets around But those who leave the township sinking May you rot in heaven Gotta be home by seven And the field burns away The sky breathes it in So why sit and wait for the new world to begin I’m comin’ out across your border […]

To My Own Devices – Soul Asylum

I damn near exploded Oh Lord, you know I should’a known it Whatever the price is, whatever the crisis Oh please don’t leave me to my own devices Please don’t leave me to my own devices Oh please don’t leave me to my own devices She was a pretty good waitress Said she waited on […]

Walking – Soul Asylum

Works all right, party’s fine, but sleeping is my scene The traffic inside your head is tearing you apart Stick your fingers down my throat and grab on to my heart And I’m walking a little closer Gonna rise up, take you away, Sunday’s just another day Her eyes shine like oceans, her skin is […]

Hope – Soul Asylum

You’re already thinking about someone else. When he comes home you’ll be in his arms and I’ll be gone But you know my day will come I know someday I’ll be the only one So now you wait for a spark you know it will turn you on He’s gonna make you feel the way […]

April Fool – Soul Asylum

Tired of playin’ the clown If I want your opinion I’ll ask ya I can get myself down Night driving without headlight Wearin’ sunglasses too Lookin’ good but sure don’t feel right Anything to be cool Doin’ hopscotch with my legs tied Jumpin’ rope in wet cement Black leather in midday sunshine All your mother’s […]

Growing Into You – Soul Asylum

You never grow out of taking You never grow out of complicating When simple things are waiting But I’m growing into you I’m growing into you There’s one thing that I know that’s perfectly clear You never grow out of fear You never grow out of fear You never grow out of contemplating When it […]

Can’t Go Back – Soul Asylum

And when it gets too full I forget Now if I’m late and I’m making you wait Then there ain’t one thing around that’s even funny Seein’ things clearly and I thank you so dearly Everything’s so true to life when you’re not living When it’s all a drag that’s when you give it all […]

Runaway Train – Soul Asylum

Like a firefly without a light You were there like a blowtorch burning I was a key that could use a little turning So tired that I couldn’t even sleep So many secrets I couldn’t keep I promised myself I wouldn’t weep One more promise I couldn’t keep It seems no one can help me […]

I Will Still Be Laughing – Soul Asylum

They’re all laughing at your clothes, standing in the lunch line You’re the talk of the town cause you’re up and you’re down It’s a cycle, I’ve found, it always comes around But I will still be laughing Yes I will still be laughing Air raids in the afternoon, the children are playing Switchblades, colored […]

Nice Guys (Don’t Get Paid) – Soul Asylum

Hopped in a big black Studebaker, they were acting pretty scary No one talked as they synchronized their watches And they drove past a train station The train rolled out with a passenger car Filled with retired millionaires and movie stars ?? coats ?? and that would be all she wrote And the gangsters, cowboys, […]

Chains – Soul Asylum

And oh I don’t like what I see I see a woman there I watch her as she cries And the woman isn’t really me But every day I get up, calm down, give up, hang around Look for you, hold me, tender, set me free I need to feel you put your hands around […]

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