Missionary – Spandau Ballet

and announcement of our loss and in the act three men decide and indefinite epilogue. My letters have all gone […]

True – Spandau Ballet

So true funny how it seems always in time, but never in line for dreams head over heels, when toe […]

Pleasure – Spandau Ballet

even in the bar as I’m searching in the love that’s strong breathing in the song, I’m learning (I am […]

Pharaoh – Spandau Ballet

take that pharaoh. Going alone, going alone, going alone take that pharaoh. When the lights die down you’ll see them […]

Chant No 1 – Spandau Ballet

a curious smell, an intangible crime I’m washing my clothes, but the stain still grows cover your eyes, the stain […]

Gold – Spandau Ballet

I’m sorry that the chairs are all worn I left them here I could have sworn these are my salad […]