Virgin – Spandau Ballet

Hold your hand oh so small and frail, But these lies are to no avail In these blues I could give you security, Protect your eyes from what you see, But I can’t give you a guarantee, Win or loose Just trust in my love now baby, I’ll show you what’s wrong, Oh this is […]

Fight For Ourselves – Spandau Ballet

Everybody, we’ve got to fight for ourselves Everybody, we’ve got to fight for ourselves Everybody, we’ve got to fight for ourselves So many people, so many problems There in the pretty city lights Where we’ve thrown it all away Well, if life is here before my eyes Then I find it hard to see How […]

Pharaoh – Spandau Ballet

take that pharaoh. Going alone, going alone, going alone take that pharaoh. When the lights die down you’ll see them go. Going alone, going alone, going alone take that pharaoh. Going alone, going alone, going alone take that pharaoh. When the lights die down you’ll see them go. We are all living for the game […]

Windy Town – Spandau Ballet

gotta be peace o’ mind and a piece o’ living when the losers have won and the damage is done only then will you be saved. She dancing on thin ice while her mind is skating he’s building on the dust that is suffocating and a baby that cries in a city of lies for […]

Only When You Leave – Spandau Ballet

I only want to learn what you know but now you’re leaving how many hearts must you break? how many calls must I make? but now you’re leaving in this world all that I choose has come unbearable but love is in your touch oh it’s killing me so much only when tou leave I’ll […]

Man In Chains – Spandau Ballet

Now that I’m tangled up in chains, So you say, ooh, so you say Caught in this human cage, Trapped, and I’m fired up with rage And somebody’s got to pay I can never talk about it, I can never say what I want to say So I’ll take your tip and I’ll bite my […]

Chant No 1 – Spandau Ballet

a curious smell, an intangible crime I’m washing my clothes, but the stain still grows cover your eyes, the stain still shows I feel the gaze against my skin I feel the gaze against my skin I know this feeling is a lie I know this feeling is a lie there’s a guilt within my […]

Nature Of The Beast – Spandau Ballet

it is the crashing on the shores. it lives in your steering wheel. it hides in the wind and rain, with voices as cold as steel it’s calling your name it is the smile upon his face it is the winning of the race. it lives in the red-alert. it lives in the power game […]

Coffee Club – Spandau Ballet

he went abroad instead journeys to glory breathing in his head got caught up with shoe horns but he could’nt get a shine Matthew bought the rap and read the map without a sign. Contort yourself on disco with a rap trap white and brown caught within the spinning the key-chain gang went down no […]

Always In The Back Of My Mind – Spandau Ballet

nothing ever changes, oh, I wish to god it did just another drink and you’ll be gone. 2 a. m. raining again. i saw you making faces in the river. only me, down by the quay. just a sad reflection that I give you. oh, I thought time would burn it. burn it down to […]

Heaven Is A Secret – Spandau Ballet

you could be the boy in the film Heaven is a secret. Where are the “;West-Side”; boys? Fighting on the scaffold of love Scripted pleasures made forever Easier said then done together Heaven is a secret it’s a passion it’s a long way over there far from her arms tonight. Here is her model home […]

Motivator – Spandau Ballet

hold me by the arm I can take your speckles of sweetness and turn them into stars I can make your dreams so real just think what we could do oh I could be your messiah and I’ll take you higher and maybe I won’t stop till I do ‘cos I’m your motivator I’m behind […]

Code Of Love – Spandau Ballet

she took so much out of his it was a crucial assignment No-one ever asked for this. It was a little confusing He thought he knew what to do but now they’re walking in silence little girl, and soldier blue Well she wrote you a song saying that she approved but you didn’t understand and […]

Cross The Line – Spandau Ballet

Through all the walls in their mind These are the pleasures that terrify So leave them behind You keep the chains that are in your life We’ll take flight of the dove There’s only one way to satisfy This feeling that’s love And I’ll say it again, and I’ll say it again And if the […]

Gold – Spandau Ballet

I’m sorry that the chairs are all worn I left them here I could have sworn these are my salad days slowly being eaten away just another play for today oh but I’m proud of you, but I’m proud of you there’s nothing left to make me feel small luck has left me standing so […]

Handful Of Dust – Spandau Ballet

I felt that you could look right through me we live in days that have no time we live in times that now refuse me and somewhere out beyond his town there lies a world that now can turn us round and we need it and we need it oh got to have some thing […]

Crashed Into Love – Spandau Ballet

warmed by the light that reflects in your eyes I feel inside an emotional storm and a heart like a sky this moment takes to somewhere unknown and what I’m feeling is thrilled to the bone been chasing rainbows all of my life now I know that was wrong I’ve found the gold deep in […]