Hungry Hameds – Spin Doctors

Fifteen-year-old gangsters have a honey-dipped or two In Arabic, some patrons shoot the breeze Jeez, Louise Hungry Hamed’s, baby, count […]

Two Princes – Spin Doctors

(that’s what I said, now) Princes, Princes who adore you (Just go ahead, now) One has diamonds in his pockets […]

Yo Baby – Spin Doctors

But your baby been lookin’ in the pink I said your drain been clogged for quite a while But there’s […]

House – Spin Doctors

As soon as I get up, I start to get down You don’t need a place to stay Our house […]

Refrigerator Car – Spin Doctors

It’s cold and it never waits Frozen breath and frostbite Stacked, unopen crates You never loved your frozen freight Perishables […]

Sweet Widow – Spin Doctors

Star-like glimpse upon the weeping leaves Rest yourself my weeping widow With the your news of grave defeat With the […]