Big Fat Funky Booty – Spin Doctors

She says “;please? when she ask me Stay the night She’s around the house, she love me so. She pickin’ up a little bit of my Rising, rising dough. Good lordy god, my gosh all mighty, Her booty fine, and it’s trimmed so tidy, Horseradish, mama, just a smidge, Spend a whole lotta time peekin’ […]

Refrigerator Car – Spin Doctors

It’s cold and it never waits Frozen breath and frostbite Stacked, unopen crates You never loved your frozen freight Perishables and bloodless meat You rolling snowball soul of sleet You never wait…. You roll across desert And clack across the sand Though snakes may fry outside Flowers crumble petrified in your hand Your heart’s a […]

Sweet Widow – Spin Doctors

Star-like glimpse upon the weeping leaves Rest yourself my weeping widow With the your news of grave defeat With the shafts of each fraction Beneath your head in rays of hair Fire hand the mango nectar And the news is good Sleep oh, Sleep oh, Lay down your head and sleep oh, sleep Lay down […]

She’s Not You – Spin Doctors

She don’t see what you could look right through All she really does is make me blue She’s not you She don’t hold a candle to the stars She don’t hold the pink up to the blue She don’t hold my horses the way you do She’s not you She’s not you No matter what […]

Shinbone Alley – Spin Doctors

Lukewarm water gasping down a rusty drain Big town’s in need of mending, street lights make tooth some seams Denim shadows shuffle in between the beams. Different strokes for different folks so Mind your manner and easy on the ethnic jokes It’s a dumbbell curve, your trying to tally, All the way down to shin […]

‘Bout A Train – Spin Doctors

Troublin’ my mind is it’s favorite function. It makes that crying on that old air horn Middle of the night, I can hear it mourn The world is a stone hanging in the night The train’s a woman and she leaves behind a light Love is gone, I mean washed out in the rain Leaving […]

If Wishes Were Horses – Spin Doctors

The cheese is full of mold Oh, come into the fold with me Global domination While it sparks my imagination It kills the vegetation Ant it’s not my cup of tea The stairs are high and winding My brother is divining The empire is declining But the wine is old It’s never sweet enough And […]

Indifference – Spin Doctors

They wait to be told They never stop talkin’ The way you talk to me You give me the blues I feel like walkin’ Expressions that the stories gave Share your thoughts till they walk away Revealing tales of kings and pawns, Tall grass, dragons and mountain songs Break the thread of indifference They’ll suck […]