Where We Fall – Spineshank

disposed, pull my head away fall down, reject what’s in front of me but i feed the open intent let you relieve it if it’s what you needed to achieve it slow down, my breath can it feel right but they tried to question my insight and i start to blister without flowing through my […]

Cyanide 2600 – Spineshank

turn it on when it fits your need never mattered that I couldn’t feel a thing anything that you meant was forgot tear it down, it’s what you don’t know turn it around because it questions your integrity take it away because you can’t control it throw it away because it’s what you are your […]

Transparent – Spineshank

letting these hopeless thoughts run my life force me to hide just create a truth to all these lies I will never be the same so just leave me down while i’m seperating I could never give anymore all these lies have left me torn it’s only this way falling on my own I made […]

Intake – Spineshank

product of frustration no regrets for what you feel don’t pray that it’s mistaken crawl, starting the machine embellish everything that made you want me crawl, starting the machine regret disgusting thoughts that made you want me seperate what you see has given sight new meaning letting go to use the drug that’s really left […]

Slipper – Spineshank

with fear my only fuel i found my faith with nothing, nothing to do run, from you… you’re binding me in sin you’ve got to… i drowned my left side with lies i see as real i push what doesn’t move i keep forgetting what is real run, from you… you’re binding me in sin […]

If It Breathes – Spineshank

how do i smile this way? I shed the light but still I rely on the fear that starts my day I wonder I wonder what has to happen to make you see? if nothing happens would you feel? (i’ve got to take it) if it breathes – choke it i’ve stolen this abuse all […]

Asthmatic – Spineshank

destroyed by what I create it left the nerve exposed feels like a lost cause frustration’s all I have left it’s what reduced me to this turned me against myself it’s still a lost cause I can’t keep doing this to myself but it’s the only way to forget who I am your disability kept […]

Play God – Spineshank

how someone like you can sleep at night or are you too busy playing god to fuckers that are chewing on your lies another loser born? fed on my fragile mind still I stood up on my broken knees ’cause everything that you took gave me immunity to your disease another life is torn? I […]