Synthetic – Spineshank

but it still becomes me now I can’t take the way you do but it’s still inside me synthetic solution […]

Malnutrition – Spineshank

’cause it’s too hard to be convince yourslf it’s a lie the guilt you do achieve failure disguised your choice […]

Mend – Spineshank

if I led your eyes to see if I fed you mind with sickened thoughts would you consciously concieve everything […]

Stovebolt – Spineshank

beside me, the finer things Start to show divide me into your life beat it down and it’s lying on […]

Cyanide 2600 – Spineshank

turn it on when it fits your need never mattered that I couldn’t feel a thing anything that you meant […]

Transparent – Spineshank

letting these hopeless thoughts run my life force me to hide just create a truth to all these lies I […]

Intake – Spineshank

product of frustration no regrets for what you feel don’t pray that it’s mistaken crawl, starting the machine embellish everything […]

Slipper – Spineshank

with fear my only fuel i found my faith with nothing, nothing to do run, from you… you’re binding me […]

Asthmatic – Spineshank

destroyed by what I create it left the nerve exposed feels like a lost cause frustration’s all I have left […]

Play God – Spineshank

how someone like you can sleep at night or are you too busy playing god to fuckers that are chewing […]