Performer SPLENDER

Monotone – Splender

I’ve got something to say to you I can’t speak in stereo And I don’t want you to be confused […]

Cigarette – Splender

Gonna move up that corporate ladder Follow in the footsteps of all my friends Have another cigarette So why you […]

Supernatural – Splender

We’re similar We’re both being pushed by the wind Through the air To wherever Haven’t I seen you before? Haven’t […]

Yeah, Whatever – Splender

And you’re primitive And you’re cynical to me And I chewed down on the bit And almost swallowed it You […]

Spin – Splender

But it was an off white Upside down memory 1: I’m caught in a landslide I’m caught in a joyride […]

Special – Splender

Better be bad, I’ve done Better be told what you want Better believe in what? Better to think about it […]

London – Splender

I’ve sailed a ship around the world I’ve counted angels I’ve seen a tangerine girl And though it’s leading me […]

Space Boy – Splender

I avoid all those things All together I’m so high Well I know it was dumb Staring right at the […]

I Apologize – Splender

So stay there I’m clipping your unearned wings My dear You cry For the outside But I don’t think you’ll […]

Wallflower – Splender

Paint your face it’s time to be social Standing on the edge of your feeling So special Looking at the […]