Groovin Tonight – St. Lunatics

[Brian McKnight] Tonight’s the night, tonight’s the niiiiiiigggght Girl you lookin so fly, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, […]

Boom D Boom – St. Lunatics

Check Me and Sonny in the Escalade, TV where yo’ head lay Uptown, Harlem World, seein??? With some bran-bran, got […]

S. T. L. – St. Lunatics

Check, check, check, yo, we here M-I-S-S-O-U-R-I (The best out there dirty) For sure, we gon’ hold that down for […]

Okay – St. Lunatics

St. Lunatics and we here now, we never give up Swallowin Cris’ ’til we spit up, put your shit up […]

Real Niggaz – St. Lunatics

Real niggas ride wit’ us You haters gotta ride the bus Smoke ’til when my brain gon’ bust Bank account […]

Dis Iz Da Life – St. Lunatics

Man, I’ve been thinking What you’ve been thinking about man? Ever since Country Grammar done spent seven million Millions I […]

Here We Come – St. Lunatics

Yo, whattup baby girl – fuck is the deal? Nah youknahI’msayin I’m on my way fo’ sho’ Nah well Kejuan […]

Scandalous – St. Lunatics

…coming around here with their rims and Tims and shit Get the fuck out of my neighborhood! (hahahah) Fucking eighteen, […]