Here We Come – St. Lunatics

Yo, whattup baby girl – fuck is the deal? Nah youknahI’msayin I’m on my way fo’ sho’ Nah well Kejuan and Murph they with me already And you know Leezy on his way we gonna be out there in a minute But what’s goin on with you though? Cause I hope you ain’t frontin Cause […]

Scandalous – St. Lunatics

…coming around here with their rims and Tims and shit Get the fuck out of my neighborhood! (hahahah) Fucking eighteen, fucking schoolboy Freaking ‘tics man, I’m sick of them, they keep playin that song They’re stupid! [Chorus – Murphy Lee] I said you don’t wanna roll where I could go Hard times, Hennessy and Optimos […]