Pile Driver – Stan Ridgway

Whose engines don’t pump gasoline It’s a poundin’ crazy arm that works all day It’s run by all the people […]

Stranded – Stan Ridgway

I was drivin’ outta town All alone Her face held every feelin’ in but her eyes gave her away One […]

Mr. Smith – Stan Ridgway

And do you know where the party is? I’ve been walking a blue streak all night long And I’m tired […]

Twisted – Stan Ridgway

You’re twisted, that’s what you are Just like a bee buzzin’ in a jar Frayed and ragged, spent and strained […]

Tomorrow – Stan Ridgway

Think about the night before and everything I said I’ve made lots of promises I know that I can’t keep […]

Triangle Head – Stan Ridgway

Right past Deadman’s Curve There’s a message in a bottle It’s a scandal, have you heard Now, the bishop’s wife […]

Lonely Town – Stan Ridgway

They all say that it’s a lonely town Wide open spacesЁCЁCempty rooms If the weather holds out, you can get […]

Dogs – Stan Ridgway

Other dog digs it up and finds A prize in store One dog dies and the other dogs go Dig […]

Nadine – Stan Ridgway

I thought I saw my future bride walking up the street I shouted to the driver, “;Hey, conductor, you must […]

Highway Song – Stan Ridgway

Sing it with me peopleЁCЁCit won’t be long Underneath the stars, the devil you say What you can’t sing now, […]

Factory – Stan Ridgway

But the problem is, to say somethin’ Uh, you’ve got to say it And I still don’t remember a thing […]

Good Times – Stan Ridgway

Its dark and lonely streets Rain falls on my face Mixed with salty tears Confirm your happiness Everything is looking […]