Lonely Town – Stan Ridgway

They all say that it’s a lonely town Wide open spacesЁCЁCempty rooms If the weather holds out, you can get there by noon Shadows crawl on the highway line Don’t rush, you’ve got time Pull into a donut shop And get a cup of mud Ask for directions from a plumber outside He says “;don’t […]

Dogs – Stan Ridgway

Other dog digs it up and finds A prize in store One dog dies and the other dogs go Dig him up a tomb, with his Name inscribed Chorus: And there, on his tombstone Carved so bold The words are clear and strong It says: This one is for the eyes For the eyes of […]

This Way Out – Stan Ridgway

Who’s got the word on the double talk? Hands on the wheel in a flash of steel We got a secret letter with a government seal And a ticket for a doomsday run We’re goin’ on a doomsday run Ticket for a doomsday run Bombs away Chorus: Gotta ticket for a doomsday run We’re goin’ […]

Nadine – Stan Ridgway

I thought I saw my future bride walking up the street I shouted to the driver, “;Hey, conductor, you must Slow down, I think I see her, please, let me off the bus”; Nadine Oh, honey, is that you Woah, Nadine Oh, honey, is that you Seems every time I see you, baby, you’ve got […]

Highway Song – Stan Ridgway

Sing it with me peopleЁCЁCit won’t be long Underneath the stars, the devil you say What you can’t sing now, you better throw away Chorus: I sing a-la-la-la-la-lalalala And everybody knows how to sing a highway song Like a needle in a haystack, I’ve been searchin’ round I got a bluesteel gun, and an old […]

Factory – Stan Ridgway

But the problem is, to say somethin’ Uh, you’ve got to say it And I still don’t remember a thing Since the funny gas come out of that pipe next to me I guess they didn’t okay it Now I rememberЁCЁCdid I tell ya? ЁCЁCcut my thumb off At the knuckle on a broken band […]

Back Towards Diamond Bar – Stan Ridgway

The snake will crawl, the raven fly And guilty hands will grip the wheel Keep on the road, no skid or peel And then I drove right down the road I saw myself in a cloud of dust I wanna drive, I wanna drive With a trunkload of sin I don’t know the mess I’m […]

I Wanna Be A Boss – Stan Ridgway

And I been taking telephone calls I can tell this job’s at the end of the line And I’m ready for the fall But I been watchin’ the boss carefully And he always seems to be havin’ a ball And then I scratch my head and wonder Why I’m down here and he’s up the […]

Goin’ Southbound – Stan Ridgway

But there’s a big truck waitin’ tonight at the pier Comin’ in on an east-bound boat Now, don’t be late for deliveryЁCЁChere, put this in your coat It’s a strange weight from an exotic locale Don’t worry about the cops, ’cause they’re in on it, pal Just pick it up no later than tonight at […]

The Big Heat – Stan Ridgway

A window open by the fire escape How long have you been following this guy, the bellboy asked Not long enough, ’cause we got here too late And everybody wants another piece of the pie today, he said You gotta watch the ones who always keep their hands clean Chorus: It’s the big heat, there’s […]

Good Times – Stan Ridgway

Its dark and lonely streets Rain falls on my face Mixed with salty tears Confirm your happiness Everything is looking good Look down, feel the pain Falling teardrops to the ground Chorus: Think back through the phrases Restore sanity to the mind You know she’s gone now Are these not the good times? Good times, […]

Wild Bill Donovan – Stan Ridgway

When a slip could get you killed A man appeared with a master plan And they called him Wild Bill He talked you ’round in circles When he was done, yeah, you knew less And he started up the company1 From what was left of the O. S. S.2 Chorus: Wild Bill, Wild Bill The […]

Mexican Radio – Stan Ridgway

And the touch of a world that is older I turn the switch and check the number I leave it on when in bed I slumber I hear the rhythms of the music I buy the product, and never use it I hear the talking of the deejay Can’t understandЁCЁCjust what does he say? Chorus: […]

Mama Had A Stove – Stan Ridgway

They say that I’m a stooge But all I’ve ever wanted Was back in Baton Rouge We’d paddle up the river Go fishin’ in a stream We’d see the people drinkin’ On the Mississippi Queen Chorus: And Mama had a stove And Daddy had a still Then Daddy ran away With his second cousin Jill […]