Standing In The Flames – Deicide

Nor do I need him or want him around
What you expect I could never conceive
Kill off your children to fulfill your dream
Give them your name and condemn them to die
Little they know of what you have in mind
Drink to the father and that of the son
I’m not that stupid, just look what they’ve done

Standing in the flames–fuck the lord’s redemption
Cursed is the way of his resurrection
Who will take his place on the crucifixion?
Wipe away our pain with your contradiction
He is the fool that believeth in god
It’s for the needy and people who want
I have refused you as you refused me
Helpless emotion is what you foresee
I am one with Satan, cast beyond the night
In his flame of hatred, I provoke the light

Never around when you’re all out of hope
He is not there, he is only a ghost
Where is your power to make me redeem
If you’re so mighty then why not kill me
Adore the serpent created by god
Once that you do this then you can move on
Making us pure with the death of your son
Rainbows of blood, his endeavor is done

Lyric Standing In The Flames – Deicide