Performer STARSHIP

The Burn – Starship

Bad is better than the burn Some people never learn Bad is better than the burn I’ll take the blame […]

Say When – Starship

You’re into my thoughts like a dream on the run You’re a vision of hope in a world come undone […]

Jane – Starship

There’s a time for love and a time for letting it be baby Jane you’re playing a game called, called […]

Wings Of A Lie – Starship

I know I’ve lost control, I’m getting close to paradise Who knows to what I’m holding on So many ways […]

Beat Patrol – Starship

Heaven move me, move my soul Here comes the beat Here comes the beat patrol We will dance… I will […]

Transatlantic – Starship

I’m stuck here in this state, so I must communicate Don’t know just where you are, just know that you’re […]

Wild Again – Starship

As the world and I go screaming into the phantom night It doesn’t matter where it leads, I got nowhere […]

Healing Waters – Starship

I will lay your body down in healing waters Turn this darkness into light, help you stand, I’ll help you […]