Devil’s Right Hand – Steve Earle

I saw my first pistol in the general store In the general store, when I was thirteen I thought it was the finest thing I ever had seen So l asked if I could have one someday when I grew up Mama dropped a dozen eggs, she really blew up She really blew up, and […]

Feel Alright – Steve Earle

A wanderin’ eye and a smokin’ gun Now some of you would live through me Lock me up and throw away the key Or just find a place to hide away Hope that I’ll just go away I feel alright ЁC I feel alright tonight I’ll bring you precious contraband And ancient tales from distant […]

I Still Carry You Around – Steve Earle

You loved me like you used to do Mornin’ come and I woke up and found I still carry you around Chorus: I still carry you around Everywhere I travel now No matter how I try to put you down I still carry you around I still just can’t believe you’re gone Your memory haunts […]

All Of My Life – Steve Earle

If it wasn’t enough I hear all these voices Always tellin’ me that I’m bad But it’s all in my head – like all those scary noises chorus I’ve been waiting all of my life All of my life I’ve been waiting all of my life All of my life Some nights when I’m laying […]

Yours Forever Blue – Steve Earle

I don’t run around with every gal in town The way I used to do I’m startin’ over new Yours forever blue I wrote you a letter and every word was true I apologized for all my lies And the way I treated you Signed it “;lonely fool”; Yours forever blue Lately I’ve been hurtin’ […]

I Can Wait – Steve Earle

Stars’ll fall from the sky No one even notices If you think it’ll help I can walk out myself And we won’t have to go through this If I pretend to hold you tight And out on the highway late some night That’s all right If that’s all that it takes Even if my heart […]

Nothin’ But You – Steve Earle

“;Never seen a good intention that a man could eat”; Well, I got about a million things I need to do I don’t wanna think about nothin’ but you Everybody talk about Maybellene Yellow Rose Of Texas and the Sweet Sixteen Well, I don’t wanna hear about no Peggy Sue I don’t wanna think about […]

Nothing But A Child – Steve Earle

Wise men saw a sign and set out aross the sand Songs of praise to sing, they travelled day and night Precious gifts to bring, guided by the light They chased a brand new star, ever towards the west Across the mountains far, but when it came to rest They scarce believed their eyes, they’d […]

Another Town – Steve Earle

And I’m sick and tired of hangin’ around I’ll be on my way in a cloud of dust On the road to another town Once upon a time I loved this house Now I’m thinkin’ ’bout burnin’ it down And I’ll be long gone when the fire burns out On the way to another town […]

Once You Love – Steve Earle

He had the world in the palm of his hand Sultans and kings beat a path to his door He had everything but he still wanted more One day in spring came a lady so fair He’d never looked on a beauty so rare But he didn’t trust her so he locked her away And […]

Mystery Train Part II – Steve Earle

Hear them tracks a hummin’ There’s a train a comin’ Can’t you hear her blowin’ Can’t you hear her blowin’ Wonder where she’s goin’ Can’t you hear her blowin’ Run down the station Run down to the station Dread and fascination Run down to the station Don’t you want to ride her Don’t you want […]

Johnny Come Lately – Steve Earle

I was born and bred in the USA So listen up close, I’ve get something to say Boys, I’m buying this round Well it took a Iittke while but we’re in this fight And we ain’t going home ’til we’ve done what’s right We’re gonna drink Camden Town dry tonight If I have to spend […]

Harlan Man – Steve Earle

Went down in the mine when I was barely grown It was easy then Ў®Cause I didn’t know what I know now But I’m a family man And it’s the only life that I’ve ever known But I’m a Harlan Man Just as long as my luck and lungs hold out I’m a mountain man […]

The Week Of Living Dangerously – Steve Earle

I sat around and had a beer with the boys like I always do Well I didn’t have nothin’ to say anyway there ain’t no point There’s just something ’bout a Monday that always makes me blue Well it was well after dark so I knew my wife and kids were waitin’ And I guess […]

Hurtin’ Me, Hurtin’ You – Steve Earle

I know I can’t ever wash out the pain I never meant to be cruel or untrue I’m just hurtin’ me when I’m hurtin’ you Girl I won’t say, I’m hurtin’ more I know that you’ve heard all that before So go on believe what you wanna believe But I’m hurtin’ you then I’m hurtin’ […]

The Unrepentant – Steve Earle

In the middle of a lonely night Stands alone in the pale moonlight Screams out in defiance He’s got no one to turn to You could talk Ў®til you turn blue He’d just turn his back on you Ain’t no compromising Ў®Cause he’s totally untamed No fear of the unnamed But he’ll take the blame […]

This Highway’s Mine (Roadmaster) – Steve Earle

Don’t remember where I slept last night I just remember halfway through the night I woke up stiff with fright I dreamed there was no asphalt I dreamed there was no gasoline Felt like a rat caught in some nowhere town I woke up and screamed This highway This highway This highway This highway This […]

Angel Is The Devil – Steve Earle

she’s no stranger to the devil I know His mark is on her body His fire’s burnin’ in her soul When we’re makin’ love he’s laughin’ at us down below she’s the devil I know CHORUS She’s the devil I know She’s the devil I know Said she come from heaven Angel is the devil […]

Sweet Little ’66 – Steve Earle

I got me the hottest little Chevy around My sweet little ’66 She got a yellow front fender and a gray one on the back But my income tax is comin’ and I’m gonna paint her black Sweet little ’66 She got the 396, she got the four on the floor And those stickers in […]

Halo ‘Round The Moon – Steve Earle

So I know it ain’t to blame ‘Cause I knew what love could do But I loved her just the same Then I let her slip away Now I’m all alone and blue That’s the price I got to pay There’s a halo ’round the moon There’s a ghost that haunts this town Just ask […]

I’m Looking Through You – Steve Earle

I thought I knew you what did I know You don’t look different but you have changed I’m Iooking through you you’re not the same Your lips are moving I cannot hear Your voice is soothing but the words aren’t clear You don’t sound different I’ve learned the game I’m looking through you you’re not […]

Tom Ames’ Prayer – Steve Earle

Well the sheriff had cought him stealin’ chickens and such by the time that he was ten And one day his daddy took a ten dollar bill and he tucked it in his hand He said I can tell you’re headed for trouble son and your momma wouldn’t understand So he took that money and […]

Tecumseh Valley – Steve Earle

The daughter of a miner And her ways were free and it seemed to me The sunshine walked beside her She come from Spencer ‘coss the hill She said her Pa had sent her ‘Cause the coal was low and soon the snow Would tuwn the skies to winter Well she said she’d come to […]

Nothin’ Without You – Steve Earle

I keep the flame when we’re apart I’m the lover in your arms Or a baby soft and warm I’m a hero in your eyes I’m a comfort when you cry When you hurt me I’m your fool But I’m nothin’ without you (CHORUS) No I’m nothin’ without you It don’t matter what I do […]

Squeeze Me In – Steve Earle

Since I’ve been ridin’ next to you I ain’t a-waitin’ in no long line, honey You know I’m only passin’ through Well, I got here without warning Well, I’m leavin’ in the mornin’ You won’t find me hangin’ Ў®round your door tomorrow like your other men Hey darlin’, squeeze me in I’ve been sleepin’ by […]

Regular Guy – Steve Earle

Never get rich, but I always get by I got me a wife and a couple a kids I done pretty much like my daddy did He always did the best that he could Took care of mama and us pretty good He never got rich but he never did try He was just a […]

Hillbilly Highway – Steve Earle

He didn’t have much, just a beat-up truck and a dream about a better life Grandmama cried when she waved goodbye, never heard such a lonesome sound Pretty soon the dirt road turned into blacktop, Detroit City bound Down that hillbilly highway That hillbilly highway Hillbilly highway Goes on and on He worked and saved […]

Goodbye’s All We’ve Got Left – Steve Earle

‘Cause I can smell it when a heartache’s comin’ Not that I’m in such a hurry to lose you I’d call you up but there’s nothin’ that I can do Talkin’ won’t do any good anyway ‘Cause goodbye’s all we’ve got left to say I don’t think that it’ll get any better So maybe you […]

Billy Austin – Steve Earle

I’m Twenty-Nine years old I was born in Oklahoma Quarter Cherokee I’m told Don’t remember Oklahoma Been so long since I left home Seems like I’ve always been in prison Like I’ve always been alone Didn’t mean to hurt nobody Never thought I’d cross that line I held up a filling station Like I’d done […]

Annie, Is Tonight The Night – Steve Earle

Every time I get to rockin’, I always run into you I never did understand why you want to be so cruel Well, Annie, is tonight the night? Do you think the moon is right? You don’t have to tell me you will Just say that you might I know you told me once I […]

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