Forbidden Fruit – Steve Poltz

“;Honey, would you like a date,”; she said It wasn’t even an original line And my pants they tightened And my face grew taut And in my mind my mother said, “;You’d better not”; Then again she always told me That I wouldn’t like the taste of beer Hmm-mmm And she slid real close to […]

Salvation Song – Steve Poltz

Rain is coming down in spoonfulls Mixes in with tears from my eyes I’ve been standing here for hours Paper bag for my umbrella Won’t you come back to your soggy fella Watching people passing by me I got nowhere else to go And I know you could be miles from me Just a sailing […]

Silver Lining – Steve Poltz

I got my raspberry jam My grandpa was a sailor And he came into this land And he was looking for gold A pretty hand to hold Or some cards to fold At least that’s, what I’ve been told Silver lining Silver lining where’d you go? I turn on my T. V. They got talking […]

Leavin’ Again – Steve Poltz

You can say your leavin’ Wish that you would let me know So I could stop my grievin’ And if the road come back to haunt me Am I gone and I do not know If the sky come back to taunt me Am I gone and I’m feelin’ low Gone and I’m feelin’ low […]