Valerie – Steve Winwood

I can’t help remember just where she touched me There’s still no face here in her place So cool, she was like jazz on a summer’s day Music, high and sweet, then she just blew away Now she can’t be that warm with the wind in her arms Valerie, call on me-call on me, Valerie […]

40,000 Headmen – Steve Winwood

If I had to take the choice between the deafman and the blind I know just where my feet should go and that’s enough for me I turned around and knocked them down and walked across the sea Hadn’t traveled very far when suddenly I saw Three small ships a-sailing out towards a distant shore […]

Vacant Chair – Steve Winwood

And without belief he knows his empty grief is a name for his own fears Oh, the eyes are still. Oh, but even sleeping My dearest friend till we meet again and ever, we’ll be blowing Maybe weep awhile for those below; until then I’ll keep on going But oh, the heart, the hurt keeps […]

Let Me Make Something In Your Life – Steve Winwood

While trying to say the things that are real I don’t wanna fight for fighting just brings pain Just wanna hold you in my loving arms again Let me see the sunrise shining in your eyes Taste the winds and feel blue skies I’ve heard all I can tell all your troubles and strife Let […]

Put On Your Dancin’ Shoes – Steve Winwood

And it’s all that we can do to face each day and see it though Life’s a dance, put on your dancing shoes, take a chance You can’t shut your eyes to pain, faces crying in the rain You can’t keep it all inside, you need some way to let it ride Life’s a dance, […]

Talking Back To The Night – Steve Winwood

An out-of-work musician plays a solo saxophone He’s a preacher and a teacher And he stands up all alone Stranded in the dark of a vision in the park A poet in his madness tries to find another line And he’s losing and he’s using And he says he’s doing fine And they look from […]

One And Only Man – Steve Winwood

Knowing you’ve been seeing some other guy that treats you bad Did you know I’m burning deep inside for you? Just give me the chance now and we can see it through If you’ll be my woman, I’ll be your one and only man Gonna take you with me far away from hearts of stone […]

Gimme Some Lovin’ – Steve Winwood

Well, my temperature’s rising and my feet hit the floor Twenty people knocking ’cause they’re wanting some more Let me in, baby, I don’t know what you’ve got But you’d better take it easy, ’cause this place is hot (Chorus) So glad we made it, so glad we made it You got to gimme some […]

Still In The Game – Steve Winwood

Who hold to the game Through the hard times They don’t lose their aim And they hope for time on their side And they keep a ticket to ride They keep watching for signs in the land They keep watching for signs in the land And they stand there watching the sky And they stand […]

Lord Of The Street – Steve Winwood

Then I come strollin’ down that avenue Baby, I got what no one can give you – all my lovin’ All the guys wanna get down with you But there ain’t no one that’s got my rhythm Cos I’m the lord of the street, no one can compete with my love for you Said I’m […]

Slowdown Sundown – Steve Winwood

So I’ll take a glass of memories and understand the blues Oh they’re the last thing you lose Slowdown sundown, all I really need is time For faded love songs and feelings in the wine Let them take me down the line Sunrise, a woman’s eyes, good loving one warm afternoon Here’s to all the […]

Dust – Steve Winwood

Settling all around me A feather duster’s no substitute for the real thing And the dust you left behind is settling still With you dawn never tasted so good Swept up like debris on a Saturday night Did we ever have fun? The dust, the gentle legacy you left behind Is falling softly on my […]

My Love’s Leavin’ – Steve Winwood

I said please show me What selfish seeds I plant along the way Black harvest today The empty bed she left me, cold on one side Can’t believe, only me Shadows in purple thrill me I cry myself awake each night I can’t believe that it’s true Here I am, where are you Can I […]

In The Light Of Day – Steve Winwood

In the light of day where there was no more hiding All so fine, I still see them shine I saw angels play right in the light of day And I watched them fly across a fiery sky And I heard their cry as they passed me by I could feel the light inside me, […]

Back Into My Life Again – Steve Winwood

Now you’re back into my life again Yeah, you’re back into my life again Yeah, you’re back into my life again And I’m so glad, Cos baby I’m so glad (Repeat) How could my love have been so blind While I was searching for some piece of mind I lost the finest girl I ever […]

Shining Song – Steve Winwood

Realize what I would have her see Realize how dark this world can be That’s why I better keep shining, shining, keep shining right down the line Love’s a light – it keeps leading us on When it’s right, it’ll shine till we’re gone keep it bright out there in the unknown You know we […]

Luck’s In – Steve Winwood

But nobody can tell you just what you should do Somebody is laughing while somebody is crying While one child is born, there’s somebody dying You hold the key in the palm of your hand, my love And it seems to me There ain’t no [special crime? sense in crying?] in heaven above There’s something […]

Hold On – Steve Winwood

when you’re falling down to the ground Hold on to me when you feel like When you feel like you can’t go on Don’t be afraid I’ll never refuse you playing with a broken heart that’s lame again Don’t be ashamed to reach out and take my helping hand it’s so easy to be, to […]

Dear Mr. Fantasy – Steve Winwood

The Dealer shuffles into town Makes a note of what’s a float And spinning ’round he’ll cut your throat In the time it takes to heal The dealer’s made another deal When he plays he plays for keeps And sweeps the spinning roulette wheel Dealer, Dealer Like the mighty ocean’s roar He gets all his […]

Family Affair – Steve Winwood

One child grows up to be somebody that just loves to learn And another child grows up to be someone who needs concern Mother loves both of them, you see it’s in the blood Father loves both of them, blood’s thicker than the mud It’s a family affair…. Newly-wed a year ago, still checkin’ each […]

Arc Of A Diver – Steve Winwood

For sharing dreams I need my woman This humble expression meagerly dressed My eyes so mean it has no meaning But jealous night and all her secret chords I must be deaf on the telephone I need my love to translate I play the piano no more running honey This time to the sky I’ll […]

Midland Maniac – Steve Winwood

Take me away before the day Happens nowhere else but here Where can I go Except for the show? And sometime from now – and it won’t be long I’m gonna stay in my home country And you see it, can you see it? Let me tell you’ bout someone I knew Communicated but he […]

Wake Me Up On Judgment Day – Steve Winwood

A stranger came, a man who lost his name At night he tells me his tale, prison, women, wail The took him in, he let them win Over and over He said if you don’t have good words to say Don’t wake me up until the Judgment Day ‘Cause if nothing is the way it […]

It Was Happiness – Steve Winwood

Where they led us we followed Two for love-wandering I look back-here’s what I see We were outside-there was Paris-it was raining And we felt everything In a crowded street in london-happiness And we were so alive And your soul was a wide and deep blue sea I would drown, and you’d rescue me And […]

Angel Of Mercy – Steve Winwood

Don’t you know I realize All the trouble that goes on so long Restoration of it seems so wise But when the hope and the love has gone You’re the one the world is searching for Hold on for the way gets clear For your love, for our love That’s what I’m saying Angel of […]

Another Deal Goes Down – Steve Winwood

What you want? He’s got everything there What you’ve got he’ll take And leave you in the cold One more soul drowns, another deal goes down The night is full of danger, another deal goes down On the street, the refugees From a war that was lost in the heart No one wants to see […]

Plenty Lovin’ – Steve Winwood

I never needed love when I was all by myself Now comes the time I know it’s gotta be you Oh baby, now I need your help Ooh come on now baby I wanna give some special time to you now Cos ooh, when you touch me Got a feelin’ I can’t hide Now I […]

Split Decision – Steve Winwood

His confidence never needs a crutch One man is a real one, the other wants to hide One man has his mind made up, the other can’t decide By the time there’s nothing left to choose One man puts the fire out, the other lights the fuse Sometimes I think I know too much ‘Bout […]

Roll With It – Steve Winwood

Don’t stop and lose your touch, oh no, baby Hard times knocking on your door, I’ll tell them you ain’t there no more Get on through it, roll with it, baby Luck’ll come and then slip away, you’ve gotta move, bring it back to stay You just roll with it, baby, come on and just […]