Love Is – Stevie Nicks

No, I don’t But whatever it is It’s very powerful Have you felt this way before Oh, I thought I knew Do you know that I love you now Oh yes, I do Love is You’ve got the softest lips You know that I cannot stay Yes, I know It has nothing to do With […]

Twisted – Stevie Nicks

You think you hear demons, I think you are the demon In this place where images are born You remember your childhood, Oh, fire in sequences The sun goes down, filling the air with color Winds lift you up to god, lift you up to god You fall to your knees, and imbrace the storm […]

Blue Lamp – Stevie Nicks

There was no message to be found anywhere in sight Inside or out I had looked everywhere but the only lamp left on in the house Was a blue light… a blue light I was not ready… I’m no enchantress well I was too proud Go find some Christmas angel then give that to her […]

Sleeping Angel – Stevie Nicks

Take me if you need me But never hold me down You’re asking me to trust you Well there’s little of that around I’m trying to believe you And I’m learning all the time Two-part personality The flower and the vine Flower and the vine Take me sleeping angel Catch me when you can Real […]

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You – Stevie Nicks

Has anyone ever written anything for you In all your darkest hours Have you ever heard me sing Listen to me now You know I’d rather be alone Than be without you Don’t you know Has anyone ever given anything to you In your darkest hours Did you ever give it back Well, I have […]

After The Glitter Fades – Stevie Nicks

Well I never thought I’d make it Here in Hollywood… I never thought I’d ever Want to stay… What I seem to touch these days Has turned to gold… What I seem to want Well you know I’ll find a way For me… it’s the only life That I’ve ever known And love is only […]

Long Distance Winner – Stevie Nicks

Sunflowers and your face fascinate me You love only the tallest trees I come running down the hill But you’re fast You’re the winner Long distance winner Not unlike the blue white fire You burn brightly in spite of yourself I bring the water down to you But you’re too hot to touch You’re too […]

Alice – Stevie Nicks

Well I heard she flew down to the Mountain City He said that’s not what I heard I hear she went higher She depended on her friends to tell her when to stop it To make a statement this is me talking to you Like Alice through the Looking Glass She used to know who […]

Wild Heart – Stevie Nicks

Something in my heart died last night Just one more chip off an already broken heart I think the heart broke long ago That’s when I needed you When I needed you most That’s when I needed you When I needed you most I run around like a spirit in flight Fearlessness is fearlessness I […]

Gold – Stevie Nicks

In the California town People are in for the evening I jump into my car And I throw in my guitar My heart beatin’ time with the breathing Driving over Kanan Singing to my soul ‘Cause people out there turn the music into gold My buddy Jim Bash He is working pumping gas And he […]

Blue Denim – Stevie Nicks

I saw him the other day I saw him again yesterday I wonder if I’ll ever see him again He reminded me of Blue Denim Blue-gray eyes they change with the color Change with the sun they run with the sight They change with the wind but they’re always bright Bright eyes Blue Denim Bright […]

Inspiration – Stevie Nicks

Well I was sitting down talking to myself again I pick up the phone you’re on the other end Sometimes to talk to you is all I need To make me feel at home again We can talk away the time like it was yesterday You make me feel like I feel when I sit […]

Docklands – Stevie Nicks

Papa says there are clothes to wash Sister says brush your hair You’ll go down to the laundromat Maybe your sister is there Father says when you’re young like this Things can seem pretty bad Let’s get out and walk by the river And there are people who roam the Docklands And there are ships […]

Rooms On Fire – Stevie Nicks

Somewhere out in the back of your mind Comes your real life and the life that you know It seems like it was the creation of some of those same old things It seemed to be the only thing left out in the light She had trusted many But been unfamiliar with Almost everyone but […]

Outside The Rain – Stevie Nicks

Outside the rain And the heart skips a beat So you’re lonely Creature of the night It’s been almost a week Can you love me only Look at me, for a very long time Long enough to know Love is a word – I’ve been trying to find Words don’t matter They don’t matter at […]

Gate And Garden – Stevie Nicks

There is a gate It can be guarded Well it is not heaven And it has a garden So to the red rose Grows the passion And the guardian Well it’s now you know It’s just a few days away It’s now you know And it’s then It’s just a game that we play Someone […]

It’s Only Love – Stevie Nicks

Passing ’round the candlelight In the center of this blizzard You stood and melted all the ice Chorus: Ah, it’s only love Ah, it’s only love Ah, if only love comes ’round again It will have been Worth the ride You were master of so many But savior to none I waged all of my […]

Talk To Me – Stevie Nicks

I can see we’re thinkin’ bout the same things And I can see your expression when the phone rings We both know there’s something happening here Well, there’s no sense in dancing round the subject A wound gets worse when it’s treated with neglect Don’t turn around there’s nothing here to fear You can talk […]

It’s Late – Stevie Nicks

It’s late We got to get on home It’s late We been gone to long Too bad We should have checked the time Can’t phone We done spent every dime It’s late We’re ’bout to run out of gas It’s late We got to get home fast Can’t speed We’re in a slow down zone […]

Thousand Days – Stevie Nicks

The closest you’ve ever come to me Was to help me up the stairs You stood in the middle of the stairway You nearly dragged me up the stairs “;You’ve been asleep.”; “;Well, I’ve been asleep for how long?”; she says “;Why do you question me?”; He says, “;You never cared about time before, my […]

Long Way To Go – Stevie Nicks

Can I be of any help to you, baby She says help me, help her, help him too Well I made up my mind I won’t be calling I think about you and I think about the heartbroken ones It’s a real long way to go to say goodbye I thought we already did that […]

Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind – Stevie Nicks

I’m beside myself Cause I don’t know and you won’t tell Your distant world has somehow pulled me in It’s so surreal So out of time with you it feels To give again But you don’t need a thing Maybe love will change your mind Maybe this time Maybe love will change your mind Maybe […]

Two Kinds Of Love – Stevie Nicks

Ooh and on you run You search for love and you hate searching You wait for love and you hate waiting You say I hate this Well it’s just another test ‘Cause there are two kinds of love To do the thing that we do the best My masterpiece Who in the world do you […]

Nothing Ever Changes – Stevie Nicks

If it’s me that’s driving you to this madness Then there’s one thing that I’d like to say Take a look at your life and your lovers Nothing ever changes Ooh it was just the first time That I ever played for you I could be the dancer of your dreams I can turn all […]

Battle Of The Dragon – Stevie Nicks

This was not pre-planned but after some calls I decided to go to the other side of the world I see something, I see a handsome soldier I see myself remaining when all of you are gone And the reason that I paint you in my paintings And the reason I record the sound of […]

Just Like A Woman – Stevie Nicks

Nobody feels any pain Tonight as I stand outside the rain Everybody knows that baby’s got new clothes But lately he sees her ribbons and her bows Have fallen from her curls She takes just like a woman yes she does She makes love just like a woman yes she does And she aches just […]

Love Changes – Stevie Nicks

I just couldn’t make you see That as hard as I tried To make it all better It was not better for me The love that I gave you was… All around you There was nothing left for me But I hate to say it But I saw it coming My feelings were changing Chorus: […]

No Spoken Word – Stevie Nicks

I was just that old That August dark, dark day Swear that you never saw her face Swear that you never heard her say No spoken word No small command What was it she wanted They say she had everything No spoken word No small command What was it she wanted They say she had […]

Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily) – Stevie Nicks

Sometimes it rages… rock a little Even when it’s calm… still rock a little Just like the sea… I rock a little Say it was just like me Still rock a little Then you knew her… funny little dancer And you watched her all night long You were trying to learn from her teachers One […]

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around – Stevie Nicks

Baby you’ll come knocking on my front door Same old line you used to use before I said ya… well… what am I supposed to do I didn’t know what I was getting into So you’ve had a little trouble in town Now you’re keeping some demons down Stop draggin’ my… Stop draggin’ my… Stop […]

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