Viewed From The Spire – Stina Nordenstam

It looks more like a coincidence to me Another bomb in the harbour But you were there The place was all crowded but No one crosses the street that way It was such a lunatic thing to do Broken glass was all over I heard the sirens Her name on the radio Should have known […]

I Came So Far For Beauty – Stina Nordenstam

I left so much behind My patience and my family My masterpiece unsigned I thought I’d be rewarded For such a lonely choice And surely she would answer To such a very hopeless voice I practiced all my sainthood I gave to one and all But the rumours of my virtue They moved her not […]

Fireworks – Stina Nordenstam

They told me this would help I’m walking by the water I’m falling with the tide They said that this would end I went as far as I could I’m on distant ground now Fishing-boats go by I fall asleep too early I scream when no one hears me The waves will wipe it out […]

Crime – Stina Nordenstam

It’s gone now But I pretend I’m having it still You know it’s getting very hard To go on now But I pretend I want to You know it wasn’t really me You know I wasn’t really there I would have thought more carefully I would have turned away You know it wasn’t really me […]

Under Your Command – Stina Nordenstam

did I not do well Was not my record fine Under your command wouldn’t I have walked straight thru hell And did I ever look down Under your command Didn’t I walk naked and cold Did I spare any pains Under your command Wasn’t I courageous and bold Did you ever hear me complain Under […]

Reason To Believe – Stina Nordenstam

I’d find a way to believe that it’s all true. Knowing, that you lied, straight-faced, while I cried. Still I look to find a reason to believe. Someone like you makes it easy to give from myself Someone like you makes it hard to live without somebody else If I gave you time to change […]

Memories Of A Colour – Stina Nordenstam

Don’t think it’s got a name It’s something between pink and brown Just like when the sun sets Sometimes when it rains Like it’s the first time you see it go down Me and my boat Have been out for years now My collection of china’s complete Except for that one piece I won’t be […]

When Debbie’s Back From Texas – Stina Nordenstam

This is the last place he’ll be leaving He’ll cross the courtyard Smilingly open the gate When Debbie’s back from Texas He’ll be moving back to Greenwich It takes you no time You just follow the bridge Indian summer evening Let the shadows backslide When the pond is drained You think you can walk on […]