Stone Evil – Accept

tyrannize democracies
Their narrow minds still nothing
learned from history
The seeds of hate acquired from
their ancestry
Spreading like a cancer in societies

They№ve got the poison inside
Rivers of pesticide
Skin-headed minions –
they№re deaf, dumb and blind
Machind-like in body – robotic in mind

Stone evil – inherited sin
Stone evil – infected from within

They can№t leave it –
they can№t break the spell
Under orders to obey
It was meant to last a thousand years
It took the world into dismay

Stone evil – stone evil

If you№re gonna throw the torch at us
Don№t expect to not get burned
It№s time to stand – and fight the right
This is the lesson we have learned

They№re marching to a different
beat and glorify
The darkest times when innocent
were crucified
They paralize and sterilize the
masses№ minds
They desecrate man№s dignity –

They№ve got the poison inside

Lyric Stone Evil – Accept