Shoot You Down – Stone Roses

You show it And the time has come To shoot you down What a sound When the day is done And it all works out I’d love to do it and you know you’ve always had it coming You know it You show it And the time has come To shoot you down What a […]

Daybreak – Stone Roses

This is the daybreak And this is the love we make For love is the law here You got to know how I love it, yeah It’s more than a mover You know it takes all fast, all song Stone cold wild Bring the love in Son, brother, man, true nature child I think I’ll […]

Tears – Stone Roses

I don’t know if I’m alive, dead, dying or just a little jaded Someone throw me a line You know I need it, I need it bad Lost in a maze of my own making No way out that I can find, send home your hard working jury I’m going down this time You’d better […]

Don’t Stop – Stone Roses

Don’t stop, isn’t it funny how you shine? Here the sea spray give I was with her We’re under the ship so get me over Now that was me, listen Now she fishes now, listen There was no one out there we used There is the news for me useless Now so much waste How […]

(Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister – Stone Roses

Soft drifted snow Death white I’d like to know Why she hates All that she does But she gives It all that she’s got Until the sky turns green The grass is several shades of blue Every member of parliament trips on glue Until the sky turns green And the grass is several shades of […]

She Bangs The Drums – Stone Roses

I hear my needle hit the groove And spiral through another day I hear my song begin to say Kiss me where the sun don’t shine The past was yours But the future’s mine You’re all out of time I don’t feel too steady on my feet I feel hollow I feel weak Passion fruit […]