Skyway Of Lost Souls – Stonehenge

Father told me about this way Skyway of lost souls Skyway of great pain Souls of knights fly in the sky They go up to the edgeless height This was so great It’s my lot, it’s my fate Now I’m flying by this road I see the dark expanse Wind of death is singing own […]

King Arthur – Stonehenge

for our King Arthur Torches burn on the wall Knights hail our king Wine splashes in gold cups We drink your health! Arthur! You’re a wise king Arthur! You’re a just king We solut you Bless him God! Vivat King Arthur! Vivat! Vivat King Arthur! Vivat! A power of Camelot Is in big steel swords […]

Temple Of The Sun – Stonehenge

A plain is empty Only stones Silently stand They remember blood and glory They remember a victory They remember tears and moans They remember pain, pain Stonehenge, Stonehenge A mysterious temple under the heaven Is an old resident of Earth This stones worn-out by time still alive You’re a crowning point Of human wisdom A […]

Under The Swords Bell – Stonehenge

Two armies stood vis-a-vis Steel swords were flashing in hands Blood will shed on our land Light of the day, dark of the night Cannot stop this bloody fight We were born so as to die at this war For the glory of british crown We live and die Under the swords bell Soldiers of […]

Blind Pain – Stonehenge

Only candle buns in my hand Pain comes, sorrow comes My son never comes back Tears on the face, I am one Where are you my little son? I want to touch your hand But you have gone to another land Blind pain dries my eyes Life like lost paradise, Paradise! Answer me God Why’d […]

BLOOD And GLORY – Stonehenge

Told me a story About british kings About blood & glory Life! Is a battle Death! Is a reward Fight! Only fight Blood! For blood Blood & Glory We choose Blood & Glory Holy blood Blood & Glory Blood & Glory We’ll die for the king For the crown We’ll die for these stars For […]