Storms In Africa – Enya

Siъl trнd na stoirmeacha.
Dul trнd na stoirmeacha.

Cб fhad й у
An tъs don stoirm.
An tъs go deiradh.

Tуg do chroн.
Tуg do chroнsa.

Turas mуr.
Tor trнd na stoirmeacha.

Turas fada.
Amharc trнd na stoirmeacha.

How far is it from?
Walking through the storms
Going through the storms

How far is it from?
The beginning of the storm
The start to the end

Take your heart
Take your beloved

Long journey
Heavy through the storm

Long journey
Look through the storm )

Translation by fidelma mcginn.

Lyric Storms In Africa – Enya