Witch-Hunt – Stratovarius

The witch is worried Which is bitch? Take both of them in and do a spin experimenting with fingers spreading […]

Dreamspace – Stratovarius

Looking back through time through my childhood days. I used to have a place where I could escape reality. But […]

Eternity – Stratovarius

When clouds are covering the sky I can’t help thinking what’s behind. In a fading evening I can feel strange […]

Babylon – Stratovarius

A new day is rising in ancient Babylon revealing mysteries to see. And the endless caravan never ending it’s journey […]

Darkness – Stratovarius

Living on the edge of falling down Like each day would be your last one Reaching for the stars that […]

Freedom – Stratovarius

Higher I set my goals everyday I make my own rules that I will obey each moment As long as […]