Ghosts Of Dachau – Style Council

And there you are – beautiful in scabs Caressing my scalp – under the mounts of the gun towers I shout your name – I kick out in dreams And here we are – the searchlight beams The siren squeals – and hopeless shuffle to certainty The crab lice bite – the typhoid smells And […]

The Paris Match – Style Council

Spent combing the street In daytime showers They’ve become my beat; As I walk from cafe to bar I wish I knew where you are; Because you’ve clouded my mind And now I’m all out of time Empty skies say try to forget Better advice is to have no regrets; As I tread the boulevard […]

Wanted – Style Council

She keeps on stopping Right in front of my eyes Though I try and try I can’t hide anymore Letting my feelings speak for me But when I try to speak My tongue gets weak I stay the lonely man I am Why should it be That my heart’s under lock And I can’t find […]

Homebreakers – Style Council

I wonder – what will you do for me? I should be on my way, I should be earning pay, I should be all the things that I’m not – And I’ve tried on my own, now there’s nothing to keep me at home, Like my Brother has too – gotta leave to get out […]

Down In The Seine – Style Council

All the reasons I had when the purpose was mine Now I stumble so fast rolling into the night Kiss me quick before I land and am broken in two Keep me on the right track, hold my dreams in tact too – I get lost in this place – I get lost, yes its […]

Speak Like A Child – Style Council

You’re a bonafide in every respect You are walking through streets that mean nothing to you You believe you’re above it and I don’t really blame you Maybe that’s why you speak like a child; The things you’re saying like “;I’m so free and so wild”; And I believe it when you look in my […]

All Gone Away – Style Council

Having free reign with the town so bleak – Like everything else it’s – all gone away. The Town Hall clock gives forth its chime, For no-one there to ask the time – Like everything else they’ve – all gone away. The Grocer’s shop hangs up its sign The sign say’s closed it’s a sign […]

Big Boss Groove – Style Council

To get any back to you will have to pay Don’t shout or get upset It’s the same message from the holy Tory government Don’t rock the sinking ship And don’t fly in the face of it Work for your heaven’s way It’s the same bullshit from the pulpit and the president Hear keys getting […]

The Gardener Of Eden – Style Council

When the world ws young and all the earth was mine Mine to tend to, to plough and to sow. Before mankind came and rendered all things low. And beauty was it’s first name by this I would call. And ready the harvest for one and for all. The orchards and the wheatfields which could […]

Walls Come Tumbling Down – Style Council

You don’t have to sit back and relax You can actually try changing it I know we’ve always been taught to rely Upon those in authority – But you never know until you try How things just might be – If we came together so strongly Are you gonna try to make this work Or […]

The Whole Point II – Style Council

The jewels that gleam from a beckoning sea The rising shrieks that come from below me The rushing winds of age and time To close my eyes and feel the fall To not resist unto the pull Oh it’s easy So, so easy The tiny scent that breezes past me The promise that all could […]