Performer SUGAR

Going Home – Sugar

Where the whole thing started And you know going back won’t be fun forever As you go Hasn’t been forever […]

Gee Angel – Sugar

Bout them in a store on the avenue Didn’t mean to spend all the cash I had The second that […]

Hoover Dam – Sugar

Of the Hoover Dam I’m on the centerline Right between two states of mind And if the wind from the […]

Gift – Sugar

Received this gift from you Pleasantly surprised, I never thought you’d realize that maybe I Have taken this from you […]

The Slim – Sugar

Do you know where you’ve been Is it simple is it simple The chances seemed so slim In a cloud […]

Try Again – Sugar

And there’s no relief in sight When nothing you do holds a meaning But you can’t give up the fight […]

Tilted – Sugar

I never wanted you to doubt me I believe you/ Do I believe you I try to block you out […]

The Act We Act – Sugar

As you walk that distant way Take that thing away from me Take away most everything I couldn’t say I’d […]

Slick – Sugar

Chasing this automobile I tend to think were you ready to race Racing this automobile It’s a machine it’s the […]

JC AUTO (live) – Sugar

Writing a book on you born on a holiday In the december snow wasting my time away Writing a book […]

JC Auto – Sugar

Writing a book on you born on a holiday In the December snow wasting my time away Writing a book […]

Fortune Teller – Sugar

Watching it slip right Through my hands Put a finger on it now before it’s gone All of it gone […]

Your Favorite Thing – Sugar

You can tell me anything I wouldn’t mind Dream about you every night Something tells me that’s not right I […]

Feeling Better – Sugar

But you can’t forget what was said And I can run away Pull the covers over my head Try to […]

Needle Hits E – Sugar

I’m seeing sunlight for the very first time And I’m changing my ways Hanging out on the roof in the […]

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