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The Slim – Sugar

Do you know where you’ve been Is it simple is it simple The chances seemed so slim In a cloud is it cloudy You’ve clouded up again Your perception your decision Your decision Behind I’m left behind Oh, I’m left behind, I’m left behind It’s a matter of time Your protection from ejection My rejection […]

Try Again – Sugar

And there’s no relief in sight When nothing you do holds a meaning But you can’t give up the fight You think of the good things that might be in store You try and you try ’til you just can’t try any more There’s one thing for certain, that nothing is certain You try and […]

Tilted – Sugar

I never wanted you to doubt me I believe you/ Do I believe you I try to block you out to hear myself I can’t believe I’m thinking to myself Would I leave you/ In such suspense I let it go and go and go But what you’re thinking through the silence I really wish […]

Believe What You’re Saying – Sugar

That I’ve drawn across the sand And this is where my heart aches Unaware and in my hand This is where it’s gone This is where the heartache’s going on I can go it alone I can’t believe what you’re saying I’ve got to leave for you’re sailing on and on I can’t repeat what […]

The Act We Act – Sugar

As you walk that distant way Take that thing away from me Take away most everything I couldn’t say I’d blame you You should never look in back You wouldn’t be to blame If you couldn’t take it back Hours slipping by as you watch The worlds collide Now you’re nothing more Than another passerby […]

Slick – Sugar

Chasing this automobile I tend to think were you ready to race Racing this automobile It’s a machine it’s the one in my dreams It’s taking me out of control it slips Through my hands on the wheel Don’t you know how it feels When you’re driving your dreams Through a pole I hate your […]

And You Tell Me – Sugar

Claw and scratch me from within I hear a voice inside the din And you tell me In my delusions I devise A different face with different eyes The revolutions start inside And you tell me I might be crazy over you / and you tell me No excuse to lose it over you / […]

Explode And Make Up – Sugar

Said it’s gone beyond the line this time Eyes twitch close Numb the lights turned out I’m out The cold is in my bones Said it’s gone beyond the line this time Shake a little off the deep end Tell me when it’s over now I hate you Explode and make up Threw it in […]

If I Can’t Change Your Mind – Sugar

I’m washed away with sorrow And somewhere in my mind I know there’s no tomorrow I see you’re leaving soon I guess you’ve had your fill But if I can’t change your mind Then no one will And all throughout the years I’ve never strayed from you my dear But you suspect I’m somewhere else […]

JC AUTO (live) – Sugar

Writing a book on you born on a holiday In the december snow wasting my time away Writing a book on you born on a holiday Somewhere in this song A little clue to something (clue to something) Parts of it seem over now You expect a real solution (real solution) I’ve got to go […]

In The Eyes Of My Friends – Sugar

Though the eyes of a stranger Because you might come to realize that I am stranger Than a fish that never fries, Than an eye that never cries, Than people who swear up and down that they have never lied Regardless, insecurities that others may perceive, Are benign in the eyes of my friends I […]

JC Auto – Sugar

Writing a book on you born on a holiday In the December snow wasting my time away Writing a book on you born on a holiday Somewhere in this song A little clue to something (clue to something) Parts of it seem over now You expect a real solution (real solution) I’ve got to go […]

Fortune Teller – Sugar

Watching it slip right Through my hands Put a finger on it now before it’s gone All of it gone it’s all so wrong Nothing could ever be so wrong Put a finger on it now before it’s gone And leave a message by the door Before you’re gone Maybe crystal ball is fortune teller […]

Your Favorite Thing – Sugar

You can tell me anything I wouldn’t mind Dream about you every night Something tells me that’s not right I wouldn’t mind, I wouldn’t mind Not at all Stuck inside my head again Hoping that this never ends I wouldn’t mind It’s my existence you ignore And I can’t take you anymore I wouldn’t mind, […]

Feeling Better – Sugar

But you can’t forget what was said And I can run away Pull the covers over my head Try to get away but I fall back again I get up off the floor I’m coming back for more (You need it/ You get some hate You found it/ But it’s too late) Try to wear […]

Needle Hits E – Sugar

I’m seeing sunlight for the very first time And I’m changing my ways Hanging out on the roof in the rain The tragic comedy I hit the station as the needle hits E The needle hits E Fill it up and take another twenty You’re living in desperation Half the time you don’t even know […]

Granny Cool – Sugar

You’re hating everything I wouldn’t want to be Stuck in a room with you You with your entourage And makeup camouflage You’re only hiding time Why don’t you act your age So concerned with how we see you It’s hard to concentrate If you fell down could you get up Or would you have to […]

What You Want It To Be – Sugar

Don’t know what to believe And everything that you see Don’t you see what you need It’s what you want to believe As you lie in the weeds The lies get amplified and It’s what you’re saying to me It’s what you want it to be Take a look at my face Don’t you know […]

Mind Is An Island – Sugar

And make you sing for your supper There’s a lesson to be learned from this As you’ll soon discover Way before I came to rule this place I was king of an island I only needed someone else to rule Now my mind is an island Stocking up on all the guns I can find […]

Helpless – Sugar

You make me feel so helpless I I never tried to change your mind I keep it to myself it’s Sometimes I’ve got to tell you Is it this time I’ll tell you We’ve got to go to places Somewhere I don’t mind it’s special And now you find as time goes by You’re left […]