Category: SUNDAYS

She – Sundays

she canЎЇt speak with the lights so low just to be one of a crowd feet scuttling across the floor spinning lights round and round itЎЇs adolescent war she craves noise and the music blares girl calls to a boy (and my heart is true, oh to you) he just stands and stares just to […]

Skin & Bones – Sundays

you know, all the way home whether the world will see I’m a better man than others by far you know, I’ve had it so good how loathsome, and not quite my style work and vanity wasted my time inside oh, you see me in a cardigan and a dress, dress, dress that I’ve been […]

God Made Me – Sundays

seeing it’s worth the effort I forgive myself talks that we had are becoming a blur if only I could love my neighbour waiting here for the next time with a bottle in my hand doing it for the exercise I forget myself the face thet you had is becoming a blur but how was […]

Love – Sundays

back to the day I was born on they slapped me into line as it crossed my mind I’ve felt better I’ve felt worse this is my life and it’s all very well but never again as they say “;we’ve been robbed”; and don’t you know that this time love, just love yourself like no […]

Leave This City – Sundays

theyЎЇve boarded-up the cinema strawberry dreams and the dust-filled beams shut down in a modern town see you walking, see you talking recollection on streets you used to know forgotten pleasure smoulder images fade but the town wonЎЇt let them go sleepwalking, see you talking feel the city inside you (ooh) leave this city behind […]

Hideous Towns – Sundays

I’ll join the army, the Salvation Army but it didn’t help don’t ask me why, don’t ask me why I joined the army, but it drove me barmy and it didn’t help hideous towns make me throw up don’t ask me why, don’t ask me why I went into service with the Civil Service but […]

I Kicked A Boy – Sundays

think about the time I kicked a boy ’til he cried oh, I could’ve been wrong, but I don’t think I was he’s such a child when I am alone, I remember so well how merrily I tripped a boy so he fell oh I could’ve been wrong, but I don’t think I was he’s […]

Blood On My Hands – Sundays

you know it can’t be bad and on any other day I’d be soul destroyed but now I can’t afford to listen to a word they say and of all the times we had o the ultimate late night didn’t taste right true words that I should know blood on my hands when you looked […]

Monochrome – Sundays

me and my sister we crept down like shadows theyЎЇre bringing the moon right down to our sitting room static and silence and a monochrome vision theyЎЇre dancing around slow puppets silver ground and the world is watching with joy we hear a voice from above and itЎЇs history and we stayed awake all night […]

Here’s Where The Story Ends – Sundays

I can see how people look down, they’re on the inside here’s where the story ends people I see, weary of me showing my good side I can see how people look down I’m on the outside here’s where the story ends ooh here’s where the story ends it’s that little souvenir of a terrible […]

I Feel – Sundays

don’t wake me up yet o the young & the old they get everything & it’s my turn I’m here, I’m someone to know I’m calling the tune but I’m losing the words laughingly I take the fevered applause of the people by the riverside I’m walking, walking on water God knows why I’m losing […]