Category: SUNDOWN

Glimmer – Sundown

Take a little trip now baby Why don`t you come on down It`s such a lonely town We offer something quite unique A one stop for the freaks If I make you happy it can`t be all that bad It`s just you that`s kinda sad No compassion from me Won`t feel – Won`t touch But […]

Star – Sundown

Come now – We got someplace to go Candycanes and alot of tools on show Sit straight /breath/ take in this place Wrists tied down and a strap across your face Cold burns – Needle to the nail Liquid fire – Blazing vapor trails Put out exihibition style The lights are all over you What`s […]

[22] – Sundown

It`s all blurred from where you stand You`re not all that high in demand Would you want me more if I would lie Can`t love you girl – Won`t even try What you put on display is such a boring view Rather you`d go away – I`m just so sick of you So distant when […]

Synergy – Sundown

just the way it happened just how the pictures have been framed i know you know iпm watching naked bleeding cold and quite insane itпs all creepy crawley helter skelter in our veins but who are they to judge who gives or takes or whoпll inflict the pain the way itпs going is just fine […]