Waffle – Sunny Day Real Estate

Standing here alone in the dark know my place Down where I’ve gone next time Show me your glory won’t go away won’t go away Then I saw the magic glowing out of your hand If I could move each letter casting eyes from above you Last time I have held diamonds in my hand […]

The Shark’s Own Private Fuck – Sunny Day Real Estate

well these sad eyes can tell the story walk along an empire’s path and you said you’d come back again but you talk to yourself believing the fear that drives your greed when you discover the empty place a hollow world of instant pleasures the way you were so disturbed what’s your worth? what is […]

One – Sunny Day Real Estate

How we’re wasting our lives Novacaine When the pain helps us rise here we stay Though it’s only a clever game Running from our lives And we linger on But if we try to lift up our eyes Replacing the lies We own this moment Everything and everyone And in the end we all are […]

Killed By An Angel – Sunny Day Real Estate

Welcome to the lonesome world of Abel Where every brother’s knife is set to slay you And paranoia keeps you healthy Crooked deals can make you wealthy Serum vials to help you when you’re sad Every other face is bent and broken Wrap your teeth around the only game in town made your clothes from […]

Days Were Golden – Sunny Day Real Estate

we were known to be we won’t escape this memory forward on to the place we sail all to believe when you raise an iron hand this place without a song for all the words just crawl glimmering and everything another skull you said it was dangerous found out the place where you’re going follow […]

Grendel – Sunny Day Real Estate

To Wash Away My Tears The Rain Was There * To Wash Away * My Tears * It’s Raining Tonight * I Wanted To Be Them But Instead I Destroyed My Chance Suede Scars And Time Is Right I Wanted To See Them But Instead I Destroyed Myself ??? And Time To Run [?Stole The […]

Pillars – Sunny Day Real Estate

i know you want to be the rain and I know that we would fall in there for a time and then unfall again for awhile I take you burying old bones dawns grey the sign in the winter light and I know that you can feel the pain your eyes speak one hundred million […]

Song About An Angel – Sunny Day Real Estate

Still Away Sleep Close My Eyes An Image Of Your Face Traced In White Sand Underneath Undefined I Lay Down With Arms Outstreched I Embrace The Fall And All The Time I Tried To Let You Know Discomfort Comes Clearly Woh (5x) Sometimes You See Right Through Me Angel: Words, Words Your Married To That […]

The Ocean – Sunny Day Real Estate

I see you’re under my skin Cruel to say I’ve known the best of my life Never again to hear The rivers’ song so clear Everyday’s another scene The world around and everything for you An open door a cauldron of Waves rush in through every house for all So they say another lie: ‘Love’s […]

Iscarabaid – Sunny Day Real Estate

And now it’s turning away from my impression at all It’s choleric months in baritone But waiting for the tide out Right in they’re calling me Words at hiding are revoked But waiting for this I’ll blend in the covering When it’s tried, embarrass A late song in the late leaf Things will come anywhere […]